Water Features in a Backyard Promote Relaxation


Water features in a yard become a magnet that draw people outdoors.   Whether it flows over a waterfall or bubbles soothingly from a rock, the sound of water creates a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere.   Our lives are stressful and our devices are distracting and the result is that we have less time or interest in spending time outside.  But installing a water feature in your yard will provide a special place for you and your family to relax and enjoy each other.

There’s a water feature for every yard.  Some features are best suited for large areas while others are perfect for smaller spaces.   Whitehouse Landscaping has installed numerous water features for homeowners in Collegeville, Gilbertsville, Wayne and other towns in southeastern Pennsylvania.    Below we will look at three great options that will turn your backyard into a beautiful oasis.

Water Features

Bubbling Rocks and Fountains.  Consider this type of feature if your space is limited but you still want to add the sound of water to your landscape.  A realistic-looking rock/boulder or fountain is visible above an underground reservoir that holds the water.  A pump in the underground reservoir pumps the water up through the feature, where it bubbles over the top and cascades back in to the reservoir.   They add great visual interest and you get to enjoy the sights and sounds of running water.

Pond and waterfall in Gilbertsville, PA

Pond and waterfall in Gilbertsville, PA

Pondless Waterfall.  Imagine a natural rock waterfall cascading near your patio.  There is no open water but the disappearing waterfall creates a great focal point.  This feature gives the illusion that the water is disappearing into a bed of stone, which is actually where the reservoir is dug that houses the circulating pump.    It’s easy to maintain because a pump recirculates water without the presence of a pond to keep clean.   Routine maintenance consists of topping-off with water, which is lost due to evaporation or splashing.

Ponds with a waterfall or river bed.   A pond water feature is appealing in any outdoor setting.  It may be comprised of a complete water ecosystem, including koi or goldfish, a few water plants and a water circulation system to keep the water flowing and oxygenated.  You can also include a mini waterfall.

Pondless waterfall in Malvern, PA

Pondless waterfall in Malvern, PA

Benefits of Water Features

Water features are excellent stress relievers.  The sound of running water promotes relaxation and sooths the soul.   Through relaxation you can lower your blood pressure and improve your mental health.  Watching koi swim in the water can offer additional relaxation.    The soothing sights and sounds promote a healthier you!

Increase Value.  Research has shown that any hardscaping structure you add to your outdoor space will play a role in increasing the value of your home.  Water features add a tremendous amount of curb appeal and become a huge selling point for potential buyers.

Water Features Drown Out Noise.  Water features become a great buffer of nearby traffic or noisy neighbors.  Even if you live in a more secluded area, the background sound of flowing water instantly adds the peace and tranquility you find in nature.

Attract Nature.  Birds enjoy water features and you’ll have the fun of watching them splash in your backyard.    Do you have a pet?  How about your water feature supplying them with fresh water in hot weather.  You get to interact with nature on a daily basis!

Children/Grandchildren Friendly.   Entertain a young child by a small pond for hours on end.  Feed the fish and count how many, try to catch a frog, or watch a dragonfly.  When you’re done observing nature, make a boat out of sticks and leaves and see if it floats.

Any water feature you choose can turn your back yard into a beautiful and peaceful oasis.  Homeowners have trusted Whitehouse Landscaping to design and build countless custom water features.  Contact us or call 484-300-4290 and learn how we can enhance your property with a beautiful water feature.