Landscaping Trends for 2018


Downington, PA patio and fire pit using Techo Bloc 60 pavers.

Landscaping trends for 2018 all point to homeowners wanting to escape to their backyards to entertain and relax.  Trends change and evolve but expanding outdoor living areas continue to be the priority.  Whitehouse Landscaping spends so much time in our client’s yards, we feel confident sharing the trends we see in our business that just might add some pizzazz to your landscape.   As we notice what our clients are doing and wanting more of in their yards, it helps us prepare for the new season.

What landscaping trends should you notice more in backyards?  Families want to bring the indoors out and are looking for a custom-designed outdoor living spaces created just for them!  Here are 6 landscaping trends and shifts that we see continuing in outdoor living this coming year:

Landscaping Trend #1:  Fire Pits

With backyards now considered an extension of the house, fire pits have become extremely popular so families can still be outdoors well into the cooler months.  They are a great way to generate heat, light and ambiance and they naturally promote family and friends to enjoy each other’s company.

Downington, PA patio and fire pit using Techo Bloc 60 pavers.

Downington, PA patio and fire pit using Techo Bloc 60 pavers.

Landscaping Trend #2:  Water Features

From fountains to waterfalls to serene ponds, water features are more popular than ever.    Garden Media reports that “being in nature and around water shift our brains away from stress.”  There’s a water feature for every landscape and every budget.   Our recent blog Water Features in a Backyard Promote Relaxation features some of our designs.  You can be assured that water features are an investment in your home that you will enjoy for years to come.

Gilbertsville pond and waterfall.

Gilbertsville pond and waterfall.

Landscaping Trend #3:  Natural Stone

Natural stone, whether its boulders, smaller pebbles or river rock adds texture and contrast to a landscape.  Using them in your landscape design will lend authenticity to your property and elevate the look of your landscape when used beside man-made materials that are found in walkways and patios. Choosing the right rocks will help set the tone for the rest of your landscape and give your landscape focus.

River rock and boulders enhance this Spring City, PA entrance.

River rock and boulders enhance this Spring City, PA entrance.

Landscaping Trend #4:  Paver Options

Gray and tan colors continue to be popular and match many house colors.   Many newer homes prefer cleaner, more contemporary paver shapes that are larger than the classic styles of brick pavers.   American yards are shrinking as houses grow larger and an advantage of larger pavers is they make a smaller outdoor space appear more spacious.  The manufacturers have done a terrific job with styles that mimic natural stone surfaces at a less expensive price.  Read our blog on How to Select the Right Pavers for Your New Patio or Walkway.

(One theory of why yards are shrinking is that developers are trying to cut costs to increase profits.  It’s not necessarily driven by homeowners who are interested in less yard upkeep.)

Paver patio design in Phoenixville to accomodate all size gatherings

Paver patio design in Phoenixville to accommodate all size gatherings.

Landscaping Trend #5:  Planting for Privacy

We see a continued interest in homeowners wanting greater privacy when enjoying their backyard.  We design and plant living screens with a combination of trees, shrubs and grasses that allow homeowners to enjoy their yard in privacy without neighbors overseeing.

Landscaping Trend #6:  Lighting

With more LED and solar options available, more homeowners are interested in greater and more extensive lighting around their home.  Why be left in the dark when daylight ends?    An investment in landscape lighting allows you to enjoy your outdoor living area at night, illuminate your home’s best feature, trees and shrubs and increase safety and security around your property.    With the right lighting, the play of light and shadow can give your favorite trees and shrubs an entirely new look.

Landscape lighting in Birdsboro, PA

Landscape lighting in Birdsboro, PA

Whitehouse Landscaping Understands Landscaping Trends

For over 20 years, Whitehouse Landscaping has been designing and installing a wide variety of eye-catching hardscaping and landscaping features. Whether you are planning to make drastic changes to your outdoor living space or thinking about making some minor changes this upcoming season, we would love to share our creativity and experience that will guarantee you backyard success.
For those in Montgomery, Chester or Berks Counties, Whitehouse Landscaping would be happy to set up a free consultation to discuss your vision for your property.  Give us a call at 484-300-4290 or contact us on our website.