How to Create a Great Hardscape Design for Your Backyard Getaway


Deck and patio installation in Collegeville give multiple areas for seating.

Since we’ve been in the business of hardscape design and creating beautiful outdoor living spaces for homeowners in the Collegeville, Wayne, Schwenksville, Chester Springs and surrounding areas for over 17 years, there’s one thing we have learned.  Our clients are anxious to create a unique backyard that becomes the hub of their home-life in the warmer months.

Hardscape Design Wish List for the Perfect Backyard Hangout

Talking to clients about their outdoor space has opened our eyes and ears to the shift in family life.   Remember the days that families would go swimming or take day trips for relaxation.   Those days are over.   Families have less and less free time because of more demands placed on their lives.  This explains the relatively new term ‘outdoor living space’.   Homeowners are interested in extending the comforts of their home by walking to their livable backyard where they can relax, entertain and unwind from their busy lifestyle.

Here’s a list of what’s on many outdoor wish lists and elements in our hardscape designs that we suggest to implement:

  • Backyards that are age friendly.  They want a sitting area for Mom, Dad and friends and one for the teenagers or little kiddos.
  • A bi-level patio.  Steps transitioning you and your guests from one level of your patio to the next.    A bi-level patio often separates eating areas and entertaining areas.   If you have a deck, Patio Under Deck Extends Outdoor Living Space also.
  • Awesome focal points.   A firepit and seating wall combination makes a fantastic addition to any patio.  They’re cozy and everyone enjoys the ambiance.  It’s a gathering place that all generations can enjoy.
  • An outdoor kitchen and/or bar make entertainment memorable.
  • Right size patio.    Size and shape matter. Clients want a patio to accommodate their family and friends.  If they usually entertain smaller crowds, then a 400 sq. ft. patio gives them plenty of room.  If they regularly host large family birthday or neighborhood parties, then a larger patio is needed.
  • Looking for tranquility.  And then there are some folks whose priority is creating a peaceful oasis, which is where a water feature becomes a priority.  Water Features in a Backyard Promote Relaxation.
    Pond and waterfall create a peaceful oasis for flagstone patio in Wayne.
    Pond and waterfall create a peaceful oasis for flagstone patio in Wayne.
  • Incorporating landscape lighting is another essential if the patio is to be used after the sun has gone down.
    Outdoor lighting surrounding pool in Glenmoore.
    Outdoor lighting surrounding pool in Glenmoore.
  • Want attractive landscaping to balance the hardscaping.  There’s nothing more beautiful than shrubs and flowers surrounding pavers or stonework.
  • Color and shape of pavers are important to create a truly custom outdoor space.   Read How to Select the Right Pavers for Your New Patio or Walkway.

The One Hardscape Design Feature that Is Often Forgotten

Pay attention to drainage.  That’s the one detail that clients don’t usually think about but a professional hardscape design firm will be well aware of.  You don’t want to end up with drainage issues in your backyard.  In order to create a successful hardscape design, you must have a drainage plan in place.  This will guarantee that your patio is beautiful and structurally long lasting.

Renovating Your Backyard is a Good Investment

This Gilbertsville landscaping enhances the hardscaping.
This Gilbertsville landscaping enhances the hardscaping.

Experts agree that investing in your outdoor living space will add to the value of your home and a lot will come back to you, when and if you sell your home.    But in the meantime, you have an environment where your family can relax together.   That’s a double pay-off!

There are so many hardscape design options to choose from, including fireplaces, water features, patios and fire features.  We welcome you to visit our gallery of hardscape design projects.  Perhaps you could visualize yourself vacationing in one of these hardscape design plans

Whitehouse Landscaping believes in improving the quality of our clients’ lives by enhancing the beauty, value and enjoyment of their homes.  Need ideas?   We invite you to  set up a complimentary consultation to discuss hardscape options or any other  landscaping needs for your property.