How to Find a Gilbertsville, PA Landscaping Contractor


Knowing two key tips will help you find a qualified landscaper.

The challenge for someone typing in Landscaping Contractors in Gilbertsville PA or Landscaping Contractors in Collegeville PA or any other given area is that there is no

clear standard for evaluating which contractor is qualified when searching on the internet.

Googling Landscaping Companies Gilbertsville PA or Collegeville PA Landscaping will bring up all kinds of results, both paid and organic.

Many of our clients have had unfortunate experiences with shoddy workmanship, lack of communication and less than desired outcomes.   Anyone can put their shingle out and call themselves a landscaper, but taking the time to do a little research will insure that you will find  qualified and dedicated landscaping professionals to work with.  Another good way is to ask your friends and neighbors for their recommendations.

2 Tips to Finding a Good Landscaping Company in Gilbertsville

Tip #1 – Are they a full service landscaping company?  A full service company can handle all your outdoor needs from a simple project like mowing and edging to a complex job such as designing and building a retaining wall, stone patio, walkway or landscape renovation.  It’s good to establish a relationship so when new projects come up and your outdoor living needs change, your landscaper can handle them all.

Tip #2 – What type qualifications do they have?   A qualified Gilbertsville PA Landscaping Company should have the certifications and licenses which will demonstrate a level of competence within the landscaping industry.  In addition, ongoing education for all crew members is imperative.   Check out a landscaper’s About Us page and Certifications and Licenses on their website to learn more about them.  You get a pretty good feel for the company through these pages.  Our website offers a Whitehouse Difference which helps identify our strengths.

If you’re looking for an experienced Gilbertsville Landscaping Company who has been serving the Montgomery County for over 20 years and whose experience is backed by industry certifications, call Whitehouse Landscaping today for a free consultation at 484-300-4290.