How to Turn Grass into a Garden


Create a new bed using the smothering method of removing grass.

Sod removal is easy with this non toxic method

If you have been thinking about turning a grassy area into a new garden bed, you first have to remove the grass.  There are different techniques to accomplish this goal. Digging out your lawn is very labor intensive.  Breaking up the sod with a tiller is also hard work and weeds are always left behind and eventually germinate.  Applying herbicides is quick but environmentally harmful.  That leaves one more method – smothering.


This process may take longer but by far is the easiest!   Determine the new garden area by stretching a rope to figure out the edge of the bed or use a can of spray paint to outline the area.   Now take all those newspapers and cardboard accumulating in the recycle bin and lay them thickly over the grass and wet down lightly.   This will suppress the grass and weeds by eliminating light, causing chlorophyll to break down and the end result is that photosynthesis stops and the smothered plants die.    Cover these biodegradable materials with leaves, mulch or layer with dirt to hold in place.

Next Spring

Voila!  The grass underneath the sheets of paper will be dead and you can dig through the mulch/leaves/compost and start planting, without needing to remove the paper.  This method is less back breaking and leaves the original organic matter in place.

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