How to Landscape a Sloped Yard for Your Pottstown, Douglassville or Chester Springs Home


It’s not unusual for properties in the Pottstown, Douglassville and Chester Springs  areas to have a sloping terrain.  A steep incline at first seems somewhat intimidating to landscape but with careful planning, there are options that are aesthetically appealing and at the same time functional.

Whitehouse Landscaping has transformed many hilly properties over the years,   and we’d like to share our tips on landscape design for a sloped backyard or front yard.

Solutions for Landscaping a Sloped Yard

Steps were installed to allow for the slight slope and a retaining wall enclosed the area and created extra seating.

Before you make a decision about how to landscape a hilly property, ask yourself what your end goal is.  Some families are looking to gain more usable space and functionality while others simply want it to be visibly appealing.  Also, have an idea of your budget so your discussion with a professional landscaper can be most productive.

Utilize Steps

These Rocka Steps by Techo-Bloc were incorporated into this incline which serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose.

Steps can be a lovely addition to your sloping yard and can serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose.  They can complement surrounding plantings and help anchor your landscape design.

There are plenty of option such as pavers and real stone that make for beautiful designs but there’s one product that we believe has very exciting qualities, Rocka Steps by Techo-Bloc that we’ve incorporated into a steep incline that lend themselves to a cohesive outdoor landscaping plan.

Using steps as a dramatic focal point or to access different outdoor spaces in your yard is a great option

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Plant Your Slope

A planted slope with pachysandra.

Heavily mulch your slope and choose plants that spread quickly, are low maintenance and deep-rooted which will enable them to grip the soil and not get uprooted in heavy rain.   Grasses are a great option as well as junipers, sedum or pachysandra, and others.

Create Terraced or Multi-level Areas Create Several Tiers

Each leveled off area could incorporate its own plantings.  Multiple walls can be placed at different points to create a tiered look.    Once your areas are leveled, you have a wide choice of plantings that won’t have the same restrictions that a sloped area has.

A multi-level design can also give you more seating areas when incorporated with a wall.

Hardscaped terraced areas can create a step-down feel creating flat planting areas that soften the hardscaping.

Use Retaining Walls

Retaining wall created a level space while holding back the planting area. The wall created a great focal point in the landscape.

Retaining walls are often used to create a level space in a sloping area.  Not only are they are great focal point because of the design elements and angles, but they give you a feeling of privacy.  There are lots of material options to consider and often decisions are based on the visual preference and budget.

Retaining walls perform a vital purpose in preventing soil erosion and effectively hold back earth on sloped landscapes.    When installed correctly and using the right materials, they can be both functional and aesthetically beneficial to your yard.


If your goal is simply to have more usable space, then grading might be the only option.  But drainage issues must be addressed and often times, grading requires an installation of a retaining wall.

Water Features

Water features like a waterfall or cascading stream are wonderful options for a sloping backyard.  They create a stunning focal point and bring a sense of tranquility to your outdoor living area.   A sloped terrain works well with the natural flow of water.

Combination of Options

Combination of boulders and walls define the space and allow for plantings.

Depending on your property, your landscape design could possibly incorporate several of these options.  A portion of your yard could be graded to allow more useable space, and where it severely slopes, you could have it terraced or utilize plantings.

Consult with a Professional

A sloping yard can be a challenge but you don’t have to live with drainage problems, a dysfunctional outdoor space, or plants that continue to cause problems.   With the right help and plan, you can have a beautiful, usable yard that will increase the value of your home.

Let Whitehouse Landscaping create your landscape design for your sloped yard.   There are lots of exciting ways to work with a sloped property and with over 20 years of experience, we can provide you with ideas and solutions to consider.   Request a landscape consultation, and let us turn your challenges into a landscape design that your family will love.