How Landscaping Affects Home Value


Landscaping tops the charts for recovery value

Money Magazine gives landscaping a 100 to 200 percent recovery value.  This means you should recoup all of the money you put into a landscaping project, and you very well could profit by up to twice what you invested.  Compare this to a 75 to 125 percent recovery rate for a kitchen renovation or a 20 to 120 percent rate for a bathroom remodeling.   Old House Magazine feels as an investment, quality landscaping can increase your property value as much as 20 percent.

In addition, curb appeal is often the first thing buyers see when they’re looking at a home.  Appealing landscaping will entice buyers to stop and look inside and cut the time your home is on the market 10% to 15%.

What outdoor areas of your home could benefit from landscaping?

l.   Perhaps those overgrown shrubs that you’re thinking can wait another year for pruning are bringing down your property’s value.  If you are thinking about selling, nothing shouts neglect louder than shrubbery that looks wild and oversized.

2.  The positive visual impact of a lush, green lawn that is properly edged cannot be overemphasized.  Fertilization applications can be tailored to achieve optimum turf growth.

3.  An old patio that has poor drainage or appearance is well worth the money invested in its renovation when people perceive the lifestyle benefits of entertaining friends and family.  Special occasions such as graduation parties, showers and birthday parties are some of the many reasons that people value properties that capitalize on outdoor living and give your property an edge over others in the neighborhood.

4.  Adding one or two curvilinear island beds can alone add 2% to the perceived value of your home.  And another small investment that will knock your socks off is spending less than $250, colorful annuals and perennials added nearly $1000 to home value – returning 400%.

Even if you’re not moving, keeping your outdoors attractive is a worthwhile investment.  If you have extra time, tackling landscaping projects can be rewarding, but exhausting.  Or hire a professional to do the landscape, then sit back, pour an iced tea and enjoy the process.

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