How to Fight Crabgrass


Crabgrass is a tenacious obnoxious weed.  It seems no matter how much attention you give into eradicating it out of your lawn, it makes a comeback every year.  Just imagine…a single crabgrass plant can produce between 2,000 and 4,000 seeds in just one year.  This is why it’s so tough to eliminate.

Characteristics of a Crabgrass Plant

Once crabgrass starts growing in the late spring and early summer, they expand outward.   It overpowers the good grass you want to have growing on your property.  The plants eventually die off in the fall, leaving bare areas in the lawn.  Crabgrass releases seeds each summer and then emerges the following spring.  That’s why it important to take action and stop this problem before it appears.

Don’t Let Crabgrass Fool You

The problem with controlling crabgrass is that it does a super job of hiding itself.  In the spring, there is rarely any sign of crabgrass at all.

Prime Conditions for Crabgrass to Thrive

Crabgrass will thrive wherever it can and it usually finds a thin or patchy lawn ideal for growing.  It also prefers hot, dry weather which is why it has the upper hand in the summer months.

Best Way to Fight Crabgrass Invasion

A pre-emergent herbicide treatment early in the spring can create a barrier that stifles crabgrass germination, so the multitudes of dormant seeds never have a chance to flourish.  The benefit of pre-emergent herbicides is that they won’t affect plants that are growing already, such as your grass.  Without invasive crabgrass to compete with, your turf will have already won the battle and will have plenty of room to grow, with access to all available resources.

The best defense against crabgrass and other weeds is a healthy lawn.  And if done correctly, lawn fertilization is an important part to keeping grass healthy, and green.

Also, set your mower to cut at a height of about three inches.  Your turf will still look at that length, but any crabgrass seeds that land will struggle to grow.

What Can I Do to Eliminate Crabgrass After it Germinates

It’s definitely more challenging to control crabgrass once it emerges.  You’ll need to apply several applications using a post-emergent herbicide.

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