Whitehouse Landscaping is a Reliable Source for “Lawn Fertilizer Service Near Me”.

If you don’t have a recommendation from a neighbor who uses fertilization services, then you’re often reduced to scanning the web for “lawn fertilizer service near me”.

If you found us googling “lawn fertilizer services near me”, then you’re in luck!  Whitehouse Landscaping has been keeping lawns looking great for over 20 years in Collegeville, Gilbertsville, Phoenixville, Schwenksville and neighboring towns.

What Makes Whitehouse Landscaping Different?

Whitehouse Landscaping not only focuses on treating the symptoms of a problematic lawn, we address the underlying issues that result from the unhealthy soil beneath.  Many lawn care companies focus on the lawn foliage above the soil, but we are also taking a deeper approach to treat the soil and roots beneath.

A lawn care fertilizer  program that concentrates on improving soil health will cause your lawn to grow thicker, reduce the need of water, and build up natural defenses against lawn diseases, weeds, environmental stresses and invaders like damaging insects.

Don’t get us wrong.  Fertilizing is very important and provides nutrients to your turf, but when you have healthy soil, it works even better.  If your soil is unhealthy, you are fertilizing your lawn to appear healthy but long term you may not get the lawn care results you want.

Our Lawn Care Fertilizer Program Features the Following Treatments:

  • Early Spring Visit Includes:   Crabgrass pre-emergent, Micro-spot weed suppression and a quick-release fertilizer.
  • Late Spring Visit:   Fertilizer, Pre/post-emergent Crabgrass control, Broadcast weed suppression, and Slow-release fertilizer.  Surface-feeding insect control is also included.
  • Early Summer Visit:  Slow-release fertilizer, Broadcast weed suppression.  We will monitor and treat for surface-feeding insects. 
  • Late Summer Visit:    Fertilizer, Broadcast weed suppression (post emergent control of crabgrass), and Grub-control.  We will monitor for surface-feeding insects and treat as needed.
  • Early Fall Visit:  Slow-release fertilizer and Micro-spot weed suppression.
  • Late Fall Visit: Slow release fertilizer and Micro-spot weed suppression.

Our Lawn Fertilizer Service is designed to keep your lawn looking its best and healthiest.


The best lawn care fertilizer service is one that combines all the necessary tools, such as fertilizers, control products only when needed, and bionutrition for optimal soil health.

We’ve hope we have make you’re your search for ‘lawn fertilizer service near me’ easier.  Whitehouse Landscaping is eager to help you grow a thick and healthy lawn.

Whitehouse Landscaping is eager to help you grow a thick and healthy lawn.  Call us today at 484-300-4290, or use our contact form found on our website.