Japanese Maples – Small Trees with Huge Impact


Japanese Maple Tree. Photo Pixabay

We love this little tree for their striking foliage color and their shape and size add a visual punch to a small garden.

If you’re looking for a small tree (5 to 8 feet) that will add four-season interest in your garden, then definitely make space for a Japanese maple (Acer palmatum).  There are a variety of different maples that exist and each one has their own benefits for being planted in a yard.

Spring Season

Color ranges can include pink, orange, red to lime green.  Some cultivars are variegated, cut-leaf or simple in shape and their leaves are beautiful when rustling in the breeze.

Summer Season

They continue to work all summer, with some cultivars turning green in summer, and form great backdrops for your annuals and perennials.

Fall Season

They are most enchanting in fall with some of the most vibrant painted foliage  colors of yellow, golds, orange, red and purple.

Winter Season

Yes, the leaves are gone but the structure of the branches make it a great focal point in a snowy landscape.

Japanese maples are extremely disease resistant.  You can let it grow naturally, or prune it into a beautiful shape which is best left to someone experienced in pruning techniques.

In a small garden, every plant has to earn its place and that’s why we think Japanese maples have the perfect height, form, structure and color for a smaller landscaped area.