Pavers Make Elegant Patios


Discover the beauty, durability and warmth of pavers.

The practice of installing pavers on a gravel base has been around for thousands of years.

Romans built the first system of paver roads about 2,000 years ago.  And in colonial times, Americans built cobblestone roads.


Interlocking concrete pavers are the most popular material for patios for homeowners in Montgomery, Chester and Berks counties.   When it comes to design, there are plenty of options. Recent technology has introduced many shapes, sizes, styles, colors and textures.   Some mimic authentic stone while others have a simple brick look.   With so many choices, you’re bound to find the perfect look for your yard.

Maintenance for Pavers

Pavers require no regular maintenance.  Some of the nation’s most historic locations have pavers installed because they are durable and their beauty improves with age.  A white blush occasionally appears on pavers when initially installed.  Efflorescence is free lime generated by both the cement and the aggregates within the product.  These calcium deposits work through the products from the inside to the top surface of the pavers but in time, the deposit wears off through the natural weathering process.

Sealing Optional

Paver color is permanent and sealers are not needed for the protection of the pavers, only for maintaining and creating a ‘wet’ look if desired.

Design Considerations

Once you’ve chosen the pavers, it’s time to think about the design of your patio.  Location and shape are obvious considerations.  Think beyond the square and rectangular shape.  A curved shape can add more visual appeal to your property.

Durable and versatile, pavers will bring form and function to your property while complementing your landscape’s natural components. Whitehouse Landscaping’s professional installers are very experienced, and the finished patio is ready for immediate use and enjoyment, and will last for many years.   Give us a call at 484-300-4290 and let’s talk about possibilities for your new patio.