Adding River Rock Can Set Your Landscape Apart

If you're looking for ways to make your landscaping unique and add curb appeal, then consider incorporating some River Rock into your landscaping design plans. Not only does it add some visual interest, it also offers a simple, economical and beautiful solution to problem areas in the landscape.

What is River Rock?

River Rock stones are smooth, rounded stones that vary in color and look dramatically different from one another. Water current wears these rocks down over a long period of them. They look great when wet which is why they are often used in waterfalls and fountains. Landscape River Rock is available is several sizes and your project will dictate what stone looks best.

Cost of River Rock

Usually, smaller stones will cost more than larger stones as they require more screening to ensure it is the right size. You can purchase whatever amount you want. It's sold by the pound or ton.


As with other types of rock, stay on top of weeding, as once weeds get out of control, it's very difficult to remove them. Use a blower to remove seasonal debris, like fallen leaves and soil. Installing landscape fabric underneath river rock is one way to keep heavier rock from settling into the soil below.

Ideas for Using River Rock in Your Landscaping

Edging. The rocks will look handsome as they create boundaries at the edge of flower beds, garden beds and walkways.

Water Features. River Rock stones enhance water features. Group them around a fountain, in creating a waterfall or surrounding a pond.

Dry River Beds. A dry creek bed is a stone lined stream bed that mimics a natural stream. They are often the answer to problem areas in your landscape but can also be an eye catching focal point in your garden. They can alleviate drainage problems or redirect water run off to prevent erosion. The advantage of river rock for a dry creek bed is that it looks totally natural. Read more about Dry Creek Beds and Their Benefits.

Help with Gutter Downspouts. Plants rarely survive the gushing of a downspout so River Rock is a great solution.

Spread It Around an Accent Boulder with a Few Plants Popping Through. River Rock is so versatile that you are limited only by your imagination.

Use Between Stepping Stones. Eliminate weeding and maintenance issues.

Use in a Very Narrow Foundation Bed. Tight spots present planting problems so River Stone is a great solution.

Stone paths, river rock beds and other natural elements give outdoor spaces a relaxing, organic feel. Whitehouse Landscaping loves to incorporate these rustic elements anywhere we can. Not only do they solve the dual purpose of helping you control water and reduce maintenance needs, they create a great frame for your plantings.

Whether it's landscaping for your front yard or backyard, Whitehouse Landscaping can provide all the services you need to transform your outdoors into an inviting and appealing outdoor space. Give us a call at 484-300-4290 for a free consultation and let us partner with you to achieve your outdoor goals.