Families take pride in their backyards.

Each year we see an increase in homeowners wanting a custom-designed outdoor living space created just for them!  Some want to entertain in style, others want to create a relaxing retreat for the family to enjoy.  But whatever their vision is, the goal is to maximize outdoor living space.   We see 4 specific trends.  Consider one…or a few…to add some exciting changes to your landscape.

Landscape Trend #1: Outdoor Living Spaces

Many homeowners are staying put and investing money back into landscaping enhancements.  We’re seeing a big request for sitting walls, fire pits and lighting.  Kitchen areas are also popular and pergolas covering hardscape areas.  Brick pavers are the popular choice in material for hardscape surfaces like patios and walkways.  Many of our clients choose to entertain outdoors because it’s easier, more relaxing and less stressful.

Landscape Trend #2: Attracting Wildlife

Adding certain plants to your landscaping can help attract birds, butterflies and bees.  Planting native plants, especially with berries and fruit will provide a food source and shelter.  Monarch larvae, or caterpillars, mostly eat milkweed (Asclepias).  Adult butterflies use various flowering plants as nectar sources, including Joe-Pye weed, goldenrod and asters. Hummingbirds are drawn to bright red, orange and pink flowers.

Birdbaths will always bring more feathered friends to your yard.

Landscape Trend #3: Planting for Privacy

We see a continued interest in homeowners wanting greater privacy when enjoying their backyard.  We design and plant living screens with a combination of trees, shrubs and grasses that allow homeowners to enjoy their yard in privacy without neighbors overseeing.

Landscape Trend #4: Edibles are ‘In’

Lots of clients are blending gardens that include edibles and ornamentals.  Why not tuck tomato plants and other vegetables among your ornamental plants and planting chili peppers will spice up any garden.   Folks are realizing that gardening and landscapes are a means of nourishment for mind, body and the environment!

Homeowners Value Their Outdoor Living Space

For close to 15 years, Whitehouse Landscaping has been partnering with clients to create a wide variety of eye-catching landscapes.  Along with the latest landscaping trends, we can provide services for all of your other home landscape needs.   Call us today (484-300-4290) for more information about the newest landscaping trends or request a consultation  via our website.