A Local Hidden Gem Bursting with Perennials


Still Pond Nursery is a locally owned perennial nursery nestled into the rural countryside of Earlville, PA (between Douglassville and Boyertown).   In 1989, Kim Bechtle founded Still Pond Nursery, with the vision of growing and providing the finest quality container perennials to independent garden centers and landscapers in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  It’s Whitehouse Landscaping’s go-to nursery for perennials and we wanted to share this incredible little nursery with you.  Although they cater to the wholesale business, the public is invited to browse and shop on Saturdays from 9AM to 2PM.   And for all the bargain value hunters, they have a fabulous sale day in August!

We talked to Kim about the business and her love of perennials.

Succulent table
Succulent table

Whitehouse Landscaping:  How did Still Pond get its name?

Kim:  My parents owned a farm on Still Pond Creek on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  I decided in the early eighties to plant evergreens on their property for eventual resale and years later when I purchased the property in Earlville, I thought it would be a wonderful legacy to name it Still Pond.  There is an acre of covered greenhouses and the whole nursery sits on about 2 acres.

Colorful Coleus

Colorful Coleus

Tell us about your business and a little about yourself.

I studied horticulture in college and worked for a garden center for 10 years.  I liked the popularity of perennials plants because you plant them once and they bloom year after year.  But I also love annuals and feel they have a place in the garden which is why I provide a nice selection of annuals to choose from also.  Our plants are well organized and we produce over 150,000 perennials seasonally with over 500 varieties to choose from.  We have a conscientious, hard working group of nursery gals who pot each plant by hand, top dress with a slow release fertilizer and hand water daily to insure only quality plants are available and ready for installation.  They keep a watchful eye on all the plants!

Nursery kitties

Nursery Kitties

What do you think are the challenges for amateur gardeners?

Proper site and plant selection are the toughest criteria to get right for many gardeners.  Paying attention to the needs of the plant are essential for success.  Many new gardeners think their shady spots have to be bare. However, there are shade perennials that will thrive without sun.  Many feature colorful foliage and some have flowers.  Heucheras, Hellebores, Hosta, Astilbe, Foxflove and Hakonechloa Japanese forest grass are just a few of the many choices.  Want lots of color?  Plenty of perennials thrive in full sun and with the proper mix of plants, you can enjoy seasonal color from summer to fall. There are many native perennials and in addition to plants that deer find unappetizing. 



Do you have any personal favorites?

There are too many to narrow down but one in particular that loves partial shade and is a personal favorite is the Hellebore (Lenten Rose).  It has nodding flowers in rich hues of cream, white, pink, maroon, rose and green that take center stage early winter to early spring.  They are long-blooming, low-maintenance, deer resistant and are basically evergreen.  Gardeners love our current display of succulents which are so easy to grow, love sunshine and look fabulous in old clay pots.  There are many varieties of Salvias that are nice.  Black and Blue have electric blue flowers and Wendy’s Wish have rosy pink blooms and attract hummingbirds in droves.  Dicentra spectabilis ‘Valentine’ (Bleeding Heart) is a new spin in an old favorite with gorgeous deep red flowers on an arching stem.    And then there are the annuals that bloom from late spring until fall.   The wonderful foliage colors of Coleus make this annual a winner.  And lastly, check out “The Perennial Plant of the Year” for 2017. Asclepias tuberosa, commonly called ‘Butterfly Weed’ that’s featured on our website’s homepage.    It’s a tough native perennial that attracts bees and butterflies.

Is your ambition to splash color into a bunch of your beds this season?   Then drop by Still Pond Nursery on a Saturday and check out their large selection of plants that come in an assortment of flower and foliage colors, heights and shapes. Also check out their website www.stillpondnursery.com  which has all their stock on it with updates on what is available. 

We’re excited to share this hidden gem with you.  Whitehouse Landscaping is a full-service landscaping company and we’re happy to help you create an appealing outdoor environment to add pleasure and enjoyment to you and your family.  Whether it’s a landscaping, hardscaping or turf care need, feel free to contact us for a free estimate.

PS Don’t forget to say hello to Jack, Buddy and Holly (aka Miss Kitty).  They are Still Pond’s feline friends who enjoy their client, employee and plant companionship!