Why We Love What We Do


Our work is cyclical.  The same tasks, stresses and challenges come around the same time every year.  However at the start of 2024, we want to take the time to focus on our grateful list as we prepare for another season with exciting opportunities to create outdoor elements and surroundings.  Here are the reasons we are thankful:

Team Effort

We’re grateful for our Maintenance and Hardscaping teams who do an amazing job bringing our clients’ visions to life.  We truly appreciate their skills and dedication in making a positive difference each workday helping our clients get more enjoyment from their properties.

Client Loyalty

We are humbled and grateful for our client loyalty and referrals throughout the year.  Taking the time to leave positive reviews is appreciated and the many ways their kindness spills over to our crews is gratifying.   We get to meet a lot of interesting people and we wouldn’t be able to do what we love without all of you.

The Outdoors Is Our Office

What’s not to love about working outdoors!    While others are stuck inside, our “office” is providing fresh air, sunshine (most of the time) and lots of exercise.   Science has also proven that being surrounding by nature boosts mood and memory, lowers stress levels, and generally increases health and wellness.   True, the weather can be unpredictable, but being surrounded all day by beauty and nature is a tradeoff we can live with.

Opportunity to Solve Problems

All of us solve problems whether it be crew members, designers, team leaders or office personnel.    Laying a gorgeous paver inlay, correcting drainage problems, improving lawns or placing lights for the best effects,  designing a new space,  tackling new software,  or making a business run efficiently,  it all requires skill.  How many jobs require someone to be a jack of all trades in one day?  Every job is different and there’s always something to figure out.

Satisfaction and Pride in Work

We enjoy making a difference in our world through beautification and making a positive difference in our environment.    As landscapers, we get to work with plants, hardscaping, and outdoor elements that can transform a space from drab to fab.  Results are visible and at the end of the day, you feel a sense of accomplishment when you know you have transformed a client’s space making a client’s vision come to life.

In closing, we’ve chosen to focus on all the blessings and advantages rather than the inevitable challenges as we kick off another year.   We are grateful for another year!  And THANK YOU for letting us create your new outdoor spaces and making your landscapes beautiful.

PS  If you know anyone who is looking for a career change and would be interested in knowing more about the opportunities in the landscaping industry, contact sam@whitehouselandscaping.com or text him at 484-420-4826.