What Is Your Backyard Personality?

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Since the pandemic in 2020, backyards have taken center stage where families have discovered they can work, entertain, exercise and even vacation.  The backyard has become an extension of the home increasing a home’s living space by expanding amenities into the backyard.

Thus the birth of the term “backyarding” became popular   No longer satisfied with a few lounge chairs and a grill, families are looking to create cozy, function outdoor spaces to enjoy family and friends. Fire pits, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, expanded decks and patios are just a few of the improvements they are making.

Recognizing the backyard has a different purpose for every individual, the TurfMutt Foundation introduced personality types as a way for individuals to hone in on your preferred lifestyles.  And in order to create a more purposeful outdoor space, you first need to identify what type of ‘backyarder’ you are.  Once you determine your preference, you can get to work in your backyard with that idea in mind.

Backyard Personality Types.  Which one(s) are you?


EXPERT LANDSCAPER:  You love doing yardwork and your yard is the envy of the neighborhood.  You love the sense of accomplishment that you achieve when your landscape is looking its best.







ENVIRONMENTALIST: You care about the environment and recognize that nature starts in your own backyard.  You take small steps in your yard that contribute in some way on climate change.   You plant native plants, avoid pesticides, use plants that require less water, make your own compost, plant for bees and other pollinators, and recycle.

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NATURE LOVER:   You welcome wildlife.  You understand pollinator support and plant choice as it relates to watching, attracting and supporting birds, bats, butterflies and other wildlife that count on your yard for food and shelter.  A well-appointed hummingbird feeder gives you lots of entertainment.

KID ZONE CREATOR: You realize the value of getting your kids away from screen time by creating an outdoor fun zone.  Turf for sports, rocks and log stump seating and climbing, treehouse, veggie garden, and a zipline between trees.  Research shows children reap numerous health, social and personal benefits from spending time outside playing.

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Pet Pamperer:  Having a dog is good for your health and having a yard is important for a pet’s health and happiness.  The yard is pet friendly and few places are off limits.  Pristine gardens are not a high priority.

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Entertainer Extraordinaire:  Your yard is the place that family and friends hang out.  The patio is an extension of your home with lots of conveniences such as an outdoor kitchen, lots of seating, outdoor lighting, and even a fire feature.


Horticulturist:  You are aware of plants and their requirements such as the need for shade or sun, watering requirements and overall maintenance.

Zen Master:  Your backyard is your sacred space and you make a conscious to effort to let nature provide a peaceful place for reflection and relaxation.  Your space has lots of greenery, fresh air and soothing sounds and scents.  Maybe it has the sight and sound of running water with a water feature and lighting for evening ambiance.

Match Your Backyard to Your Personality

“Backyarding” became a way of life and a term that denotes making the most of your backyard and turning it into a cozy, inviting outdoor space that’s promotes spending time with family and friends.   Once you determine what your priorities are for your backyard, you can let your creative juices flow and begin transforming or adapting your outdoor space to match your personality and lifestyle.

Whitehouse Landscaping is here to help assist you in transforming your backyard to a more purposeful and functional space.  Contact us on our website and we’ll be in touch.