Outdoor Fire Pits and Fireplaces

natural stone around fire pit

3-D image of fire pit

Extend your outdoor living space into late fall

Both fire pits and fireplaces are a great way to extend the livability of your outdoor space when the weather turns cool.

If you’re undecided about which fire feature to choose, ask yourself a few key questions to help with the decision process.

Fireplace, Schwenksville client

Fireplace, Schwenksville client

How to Choose between a Fire Pit and a Fireplace

1. What size crowd do you expect to entertain around the fire?  A fireplace is ideal for a few people and a fire pit is better for larger groups.  The 360 degree design of the fire pit provides more seating similar to a camp fire setting.

2. What mood or atmosphere are you trying to create?  If your goal is a more social setting with people sharing stories, then the fire pit works well.  A built-in fireplace creates an intimate, cozy feeling.

3.  How will a fire feature fit into your landscaping?   If your backyard could use a new focal point, then a fireplace’s height and width, along with all its architectural design elements (like a hearth, mantle etc.) may be a good choice.  If you have a gorgeous view in your backyard, then a fire pit is low to the ground and won’t compete with the view.  We can easily blend either into your landscape.

A fire feature often becomes the most memorable part of your home.  It literally increases the size of your entertaining space and it magically draws people outside in spring, summer and fall.  If you are planning to add a fire pit to your yard, consider seating.  A curved wall or boulders give the feel of a camp fire atmosphere.

We can design and install your outdoor fireplace or fire pit and make your backyard spectacular.  Aesthetically, there are no limits.  Visit our fire pit or fireplace page on our website or contact Whitehouse Landscaping  today to discuss any burning design questions you might have about a custom fire pit or fireplace design.