Retaining Walls


Douglassville, PA Installation of Retaining Wall and Terrace

Retaining walls are a welcome addition to home landscape.

Centuries ago, retaining walls were constructed to prevent soil erosion and drainage problems, but today they are often used to add visual interest to yards.  In addition to being attractive as well as useful, they increase a home’s value.

Uses of Retaining Walls

1.  Hills and slopes present landscaping challenges.   If your home sits on top of or below a slope, a retaining wall will hold back the earth and rain runoff and allow you to support vertical grade changes for terracing. If your slope is behind the house, your view is compromised and the house feels dark.  But with tiers, you can focus on beautiful plantings, rocks or even a waterfall.

2.  Retaining walls can be constructed to add extra seating around a patio. They can add shape to patios and flower beds.

3.  Walls greatly enhance flat areas by creating an elevation where there aren’t any and can showcase plantings in addition to adding entertaining space.

Retaining Wall with Boulders

Retaining Wall with Boulders

Benefits of Retaining Walls

1.  Increase Curb Appeal and Value to Your Home.  Aesthetically, they almost always add versatility to the space around your house and can solve the headaches of soil erosion on a slope.

2.  Maximize Land Use.  A terrace creates an additional level of useable land. One tier could be used for playing, another as an entertainment terrace or sitting area.

3.  Low Maintenance and Durable.  Retaining walls are a great investment because once they are built, there’s nothing else needed to keep it up.

Materials Used

Whitehouse Landscaping uses two main types – modular concrete block and stone with the most popular being the concrete block because they are available in so many different sizes and colors.

Installation is Key

Proper installation technique is important.

Whitehouse Landscaping is certified by the National Concrete and Masonry Association and EP Henry.  To see retaining wall installations we’ve completed, visit our photo gallery.   Choosing a professional contractor will help ensure a positive experience. Check out Questions You Must Ask Your Hardscape Contractor.   Call us at 484-300-4290 or visit and ask for a free consultation.