Retaining Wall Design and Installation Experts


This wall adds visual interest and extra seating to our client’s Downingtown patio.

Experienced retaining wall builder, Whitehouse Landscaping is pleased to offer their design and installation expertise to clients in Montgomery and Chester Counties.   Retaining walls are a useful and often necessary part of landscaping.   A high-quality retaining wall will not only hold back sloping soil erosion and help with drainage issues, it can also add to your home’s beauty.

Homes in Glenmoore, Wayne and Boyertown have lots of hills and slopes with Chester and Montgomery county yards overall having many elevation changes.  These provide a challenge, but also an opportunity.  An example might be terracing a slope to create a more usable space.  Each home is unique and our retaining wall solutions have solved problems for our clients for over 15 years.

'Before' stone veneer is installed on Glenmoore retaining wal.l

‘Before’ stone veneer is installed on Glenmoore retaining wall.

Why Build a Retaining Wall?

Hold Back Sloping Soil and Assist in Drainage.  Drainage that directs water away from your home is always an important consideration.

Maximize Land Use.  A terrace creates an additional level of useable land.  This extra level can be used for playing, entertainment or planted beds.  Anytime you can create additional living space, you win!

Increase Curb Appeal and Value to Your Home.  Adding a wall to your landscape design can provide visual interest.      A sitting wall is a great element to add to your outdoor living space and becomes quite functional as well as decorative.

Patio designs often include sitting walls because often the space will flow better and ties the hardscaping together.  This is especially true for patios with fire pits.  You can’t beat a sitting wall for low-maintenance seating for a crowd.

'After' natural stone veneer wall is completed in Glenmoore.

‘After’ natural stone veneer wall is completed in Glenmoore.

Retaining Wall Options

Segmental Concrete Retaining Walls or Manufactured Block.  This is one of the most simple and reliable walls available.  We can design and build them from basic to elaborate and will design them to fit your landscape style.  They provide a clean look and there are plenty of color and style options.

Stone Veneer Walls.  Veneered walls are constructed by creating a poured concrete wall or concrete block wall which is then covered with the stone of your choice.  We often are asked to install a veneer on an existing wall in a landscape.   The core creates an incredibly strong wall with the veneer giving it a luxurious finish.    You’ll find many color and texture choices in veneer.

Boulder/Natural Sone Retaining Walls.  This type of wall uses the weight of the boulders to keep a slope in place.   Dry-stacked walls provide a natural, rustic look.

Combination concrete and veneer wall surrounding patio and fireplace in Schwenksville, PA

Combination concrete and veneer wall surrounding patio and fireplace in Schwenksville, PA

Why Hire a Retaining Wall Expert?

Over the years, we’ve been asked to repair a poorly designed retaining wall.   The signs that a retaining wall is not functioning like it should are bulging, cracking or leaning.   Once we identify the cause for the failure, we can usually rehabilitate despite the initial issues.

A few common causes of retaining wall failure are:

Poor Drainage.  Saturated soils without proper drainage become problematic over time.  Wet soil is naturally heavier than dry soil and it puts a strain on the wall if it is not designed properly to handle the increased weight.  Many different procedures can be utilized to lead the water out and away from the structure.

Foundation Issues.  Retaining walls need a sturdy foundation, otherwise they will eventually collapse or crack.  You must property compact the soil underneath before building the wall.  The footing needs to be deep enough, and often below the frost line.

Shoddy Construction.  There are so many factors that inexperienced landscapers can get in trouble for such as inadequate mortar, improper steel reinforcement placements and generally using cheap materials.

Retaining wall with boulders holds back sloping yard in Douglassville, PA

Retaining wall with boulders holds back sloping yard in Douglassville, PA

Why Choose Whitehouse Landscaping for Your Retaining Wall Installation?

Proper installation technique is important.  Whitehouse Landscaping is certified by the National Concrete and Masonry Association.  We have extensive experience in helping Montgomery and Chester county property owners add retaining walls to their landscaping.   Click here to view some of our retaining wall installations.

Ready to add a retaining wall at your home?   All you have to do is call 484-300-4290 or contact us on our website  for a free consultation.  We provide superior services in landscape design, fire pits and fireplaces, as well as patios and walkways.   You can count on us giving you a functional and aesthetically pleasing retaining wall you can count on.