Rudbeckia ‘American Gold Rush’ – Gorgeous Garden Addition

Courtesy of All American Selections

Each year the Perennial Plant Assoc. designates one perennial as the “Perennial Plant of the Year”. The selection is based on multiple seasons of interest, low maintenance, adaptability to a wide range of climates, pest & disease resistance and ease of propagation.  The 2023 pick is Rudbeckia  ‘American Gold Rush’  (Black-Eyed-Susan).

In addition to the Perennial Plant Assoc. (PPA) pick, The National Garden Bureau has designated 2023 as the Year of the Rudbeckia  and the All-American Selections (AAS)  awarded this rudbeckia as the Herbaceous Perennial Winner in 2020.  This is unprecedented in that three major industry non-profits declared that this is the perennial rudbeckia you should choose!

Features of Rudbeckia ‘American Gold Rush’

Description – American Gold Rush is a naturally compact cultivar with a dome-like habit of golden yellow flowers with black centers and bred for its resistance to Septoria leaf spot.   It out performs the once popular ‘Goldstrum’ Rubeckia.   It thrives in full sun and average soil conditions.  It’s tolerant of both hot and humid summer months.  It’s mature heights is 18 – 24” and blooms from July thru September.

Needs – Full sun and average soil conditions.  It’s drought tolerant and can handle hot and humid weather.  Deadheading can be done to encourage more blooms after the first flowers of the season are spent but leave standing over winter to provide seed for native birds and allow plants to self-sow.  Cut to the ground in early spring.  Resistant to deer browsing but may be eaten by rabbits.

Uses – Plant in masses or group in mixed perennial borders and very suitable for cut flowers.    Works well in a habitat garden and large containers.  A great combination would be to mix with Russian Sage, fall asters and ornamental grasses, such as red switchgrass or Indian grass.

Unique Features –  Flowers will attract all sorts of pollinators into your garden, including bees, butterflies and songbirds.  The ripe coneheads provide seed during the fall and winter to feed hungry birds, especially finches and chickadees.  They are easy to grow, low maintenance and highly disease resistant.  Flowers have long blooming season, from July thru September.

Rudbeckia ‘American Gold Rush’ will make a gorgeous addition to any garden and will meet and exceed your expectations.   If you are interested in creating an attractive, long-blooming garden of reliable perennials, the PPA’s list of Past Winners is an excellent starting point.

Photo courtesy of All-American Selections

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