Your lawn has been dormant all winter and it’s now time to wake up and start growing.  Providing the right nutrients at the right time sets your lawn up for a healthier start.  There’s no better time than early spring to address the importance of lawn fertilization service in Pottstown, PA.  When the weather starts to warm up and your grass comes out of its long dormancy, your lawn won’t measure up to its potential without the nutrition required.

What are the Best Tips for a Greener Lawn

Fertility Lawns need at least five to six fertilization treatments each year to replace used nutrients in the soil.  Turf requires nutrients to thrive.  Fertilizer provides nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, and these nutrients all have an important function in the health of your turf. 

Nitrogen helps making grass blades grow and spread.  Phosphorus increases root growth which will strengthen the overall health of your lawn. And lastly, potassium helps with disease and harsh weather tolerance.           

Great SoilHealthy soil goes a long way to helping your lawn sustain its good health.  It’s always a smart idea to get a soil test every few years to see what your soil is lacking.  An example is that if your soil has low pH, then limestone would be added.  If your soil is compacted, than aeration will help relieve the compaction and allow water and oxygen to penetrate the roots.​

Bio-stimulants.   Bio-stimulants allow nutrients to get where they are most needed – your lawn’s roots.  Adding bio-nutrients to a fertilization program has many benefits but the most  important one is that they improve root density and cell wall thickness, helping to develop a strong root and soil system.

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Not all lawn care companies include bio-stimulants in their treatment program but they are super beneficial in terms of promoting the turf’s natural growth.

WaterWater is obviously an essential factor in a lush lawn.  Lawns require one to two inches of water each week, but if neglected while on vacation, the lawn goes into a dormancy state and won’t stay as green as it could be.

Sun.  In addition to water, another basic need for a lush lawn is direct sunlight.  The less sunlight, the more your grass will struggle.  Six to eight hours of sunlight is ideal.  Lawns that get a significant amount of shade will struggle.            

Weed ControlWeeds are a burden for any landscape, not only competing with your plants for nutrition and water, but also being an eyesore.  A quality fertilizer service should include pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides that are applied through the year to control spring, summer, and fall weeds.  Pre-emergent herbicides can form a barrier over the soil to prevent weeds from germinating and post-emergent herbicides attack the weeds that have already begun to grow.

However, recognize that a professional lawn care company is best equipped to apply herbicides as they can also damage certain species of grasses.The best lawn care companies are experts in applying these products to get you a lawn that is free of ugly weeds.                 

Insect ControlIn addition to weeds, pests such as grubs and other insects can also ruin a beautiful lawn.  Grubs are particularly damaging and grow under the top layer of the soil, eating away the roots of your grass.  Homeowners are often too busy to keep an eye out for insects which is why a professional lawn care company will keep a constant eye for insect damage.  A good lawn care company will include grub control in their program as they recognize the rapid damage grubs can cause.                                       

Aeration and OverseedingThese two services are usually recommended for a healthy lawn.  Aeration creates holes down into the soil to alleviate compaction so air, water and nutrients can reach grass roots.  Overseeding adds new and improved grass varieties to your lawn for better tolerance of stressors.  It also helps to fill in thin areas of the lawn. 

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Smart MowingThe most important factor in proper mowing is to not mow below three inches.   Set your mower at the highest preferred setting.  Yes, it might mean you have to mow  after several days when your grass is actively growing, but longer grass blades can grow and support more roots and develop a deeper root system that better able to find water and nutrients in the soil.  Cutting too short forces grass to put their energy on re-growing their blade,

Look for the Best Lawn Care Company in Pottstown, PA

The best lawn care company will utilize all 9 of these tips for a thick, green lawn.  They recognize that a healthy lawn requires experience and knowledge.  Knowing when to time an application, what problems to look for and which products to use assures optimal results.

Another consideration is the size of the lawn care company.  Many companies are focused on volume and cover multiple counties and states.  At times, they lack personalization. 

At Whitehouse Landscaping, we combine all the above lawn care tips in addition to being a local, family owned business.  We have been serving the Pottstown, PA area for 18+ years.  As a lawn care provider, we aren’t volume driven and understand the nuances of our local area where we not only work but live also.

If you’re serious about having a thick, green lawn, then it’s important to seek out a lawn care company who has a long term reputation in the Pottstown, PA area and who can deliver personalized customer service.

For additional information on how Whitehouse Landscaping can deliver a lush, green lawn and free you up about worrying about your challenging lawn, contact us for a free estimate or feel to give us a call at 484-300-4290.