What is Plant Health Care and Do I Need It?


Plant Health Care Professional will discuss any plant issues with you.

Your shrubs and trees play an important role in the curb appeal of your property. II they are not looking their best, they affect your curb appeal and effect the overall value of your property.

Plant Health Care is a term that many homeowners learn after they notice that their plants are struggling with pests or a disease.  It’s not uncommon to find most landscapes fighting some form of stress.   Whether it’s a threat caused by insects, challenging soil conditions or just a lack of nutrients, your landscaping investment may be at risk.

Plant Health Care if a service offered by professional landscaping companies that provide your plants with vital nutrients they need to stay healthy while also monitoring and protecting them against insects and disease.  Fertilization, pest and disease control are part of a plant health care program.  Not every landscaping company has a knowledgeable tree care professional on staff.

Plant Health Care Services

Since plants are such a valuable part of your landscape, it’s only natural to want to care for them but knowing how to care for them is challenging if you lack the horticulture knowledge and experience.

At Whitehouse Landscaping, our 6 visit Plant Health Care Program focuses on improving the soil to ensure the health of the plant in addition to monitoring and treating for diseases and pests which put your trees and shrubs at risk.   We utilize an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach in our Plant Health Care and only utilize a pesticide when necessary to treat a plant that is sick.

Our Plant Health Care Program uses natural bio-stimulants (Holganix) which restore the proper balance of organisms in the soil which helps the plant grow stronger and healthier and helps protect them against insects and diseases.

March 1 – Horticultural oil (kills hibernating insects that have camped out over winter)
April  15 – Holganix & fertilizer & soil applied systemic insect control
June    3 – Holganix & insect control and disease suppression
July   15 – Holganix & insect control and disease suppression
Sept.   5 – Holganix & fertilizer & insect control and disease suppression
Nov.    6 – Anti-desiccant/horticultural oil (winter protection from cold and winter)

Choosing a company that understands what your plants and trees need to thrive, will give you the confidence that you’re doing your best to protect your landscape.

Affected Arborvitae has Phytophthora root rot which is the result of heavy, poorly drained soil. Phytophthora is a fungus-like organism.

Affected Arborvitae has Phytophthora root rot which is the result of heavy, poorly drained soil. Phytophthora is a fungus-like organism.

Benefits of Plant Health Care

Protecting your landscaping investment is just plain smart.  Replacing trees and shrubs are expensive.  The nutrients you received in a 6 step program will result in profuse blooms, greener plants, and  lush foliage  and plants that are better able to protect themselves from disease and pests.

Warning Signs to Look for in Your Landscape

If a shrub or tree is not healthy, it’s noticeable.  Here are some common warning signs:

  • Leaf or needle drop
  • Thinning,  lesions
  • Visible pests such as aphids, emerald ash borer, spotted lanternfly and dozens more.
  • Browning or yellowing of leaves
  • Branch dieback
  • Overall decline

There’s one exception of yellowing and dropping of needles that’s not serious.  Read Why Are My Pine Tree Needles Turning YellowSo no need to worry since needle loss is a yearly occurrence on the inside of pine trees.

Sometimes it’s necessary upon a visual inspection to collect a soil and leaf sample and send them to a lab to be analyzed so the best course of treatment is provided.

Tree and Shrub Care Experts in Pottstown, Schwenksville, Collegeville and Surrounding Areas.

Whitehouse Landscaping’s  Plant Health Care Program is designed to give both preventive and curative maintenance for your shrubs and trees.  Our goal is to preserve and protect your investment.  Why risk the disappointment of losing your plants and then be stuck with the removal and decision to replace them.

The cost of a full year of our Plant Health Care program often costs less than the replacement of your most prized ornamental in your yard.

If you would like to discuss Plant Health Care for your Pottstown, Schwenksville, Collegeville landscaping or surrounding areas, request an estimate  or call 484-300-4290.