Don’t worry!  Needle loss is a yearly occurrence.

The fall season means cooler temperatures and it’s very typical for older needles on the inside of conifers, spruce and fir trees to turn yellow or brown and eventually drop off. It is most noticeable on pine trees.  Pines have such an open texture and the needles that drop are sometimes more noticeable. We get tons of calls every year with homeowners alarmed that their pine tree might be dying.

Fall needle drop is a very natural process during the fall season and it’s not a sign of your tree being stressed.    There’s nothing you need to do and the natural needle loss only affects the inside of the tree. 

Alert: needle loss can occur as a result of disease, drought, disease infestation or improper planting.  If you are noticing a change in your evergreens other then fall, call Whitehouse Landscaping at 484-300-4290 and we’ll be happy to take a look.  Visit our Tree and Shrub Care page on our website and be confident that a licensed Certified Arborist will help you protect your investment.