When it’s time to plan your new patio or walkway project in Montgomery or Chester County, one of the biggest decisions to make is which hardscape material to use.  There are many options when it comes to designing an outdoor space. However, pavers are a classic, beautiful way to go and are an increasingly popular choice.  The hundreds of styles, shapes, colors and patterns offered by pavers allow for a countless number of unique patios and walkways.   They offer a beautiful custom solution for homeowners.  In this blog, we will discuss all the benefits of patio pavers and hopefully answer any questions you might have.  Knowledge is invaluable when it comes to understanding why patio pavers make great outdoor spaces.

Patio Pavers Are More Reasonable than Natural Stone

Natural stone naturally costs more than pavers and although we install both, we find that homeowners are impressed with the attractiveness and durability of concrete pavers and they like the fact that pavers boost your home value as much as natural stone.    Whitehouse Landscaping is a big fan of Techo-Bloc pavers.  We feel this company is on the cutting edge of both design and quality.  Our clients are extremely satisfied by the wide selection and the end result of our installations.  Long term, pavers are most cost effective.

Patio Pavers Retain Their Color

Less expensive paver manufacturers sometimes coat the paver with color.  However, a quality paver such as Techo- Bloc uses color pigmentation throughout the thickness of the paver so color fading is not a common issue.   This insures that the pavers installed add value to your home and won’t fade over time because they are resistant to the sun’s rays.  In addition, you can rest assured that the use of de-icing salt will not damage the structural integrity of your Techo-Bloc paver in addition to being de-icing salt resistant.  However, we always recommend not using a rock salt on any paver surfacees.

Pavers Are Easy to Repair

The good news is that pavers are less likely to damage over the long haul.  They are an extremely reliable and resilient hardscape material that easily absorbs pressure and weight.   To be fair, natural stone is also extremely durable since it has survived in nature for many years but man-made paver products are manufactured to replicate stone.  And if any unforeseen damage occurs, pavers can be removed and replaced by a professional. 

Proper Installation Discourages Weeds

A properly installed paver patio will not grow weeds nearly as easily as an improper installation.  Whitehouse Landscaping uses proper construction techniques and polymeric sand as joint sand.  Polymeric sand has binders that help form a dense surface between pavers.  This sand remains in place with normal weather, maintenance and use and its extremely difficult to dislodge.  Using polymeric sand significantly decreases the chance that weed seeds will get lodged between pavers because there’s no surface for new weeds to take hold.  Any weed that surfaces is a result of a seed falling on top of the pavers and germinating where they lay.  They never come from below the surface.

Patio Pavers Won’t Heave in Cold Temperatures

Our winter freeze-thaw conditions in Montgomery and Chester counties are tough but your patio pavers will not be affected.  If you have heard contrary opinions, we can guarantee that the installation was not done property.  Installing a paver patio or walkway requires specific installation preparation including excavation, proper grading, sub-base compaction, geotextile compaction and polymeric sand installation.  Whitehouse Landscaping adheres to strict installation good practices.  We employ a team of experienced installers.  Our patio installers have completed a strict level of education, training and are certified through the Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute.  Make sure to do your research when deciding who to install your paver patio.

Patio Pavers Add Warmth and Elegance to Your Property

We hope this blog will give you a better understanding of the benefits of patio pavers when you start narrowing down your material selection.  Versatile, durable, reliable and attractive are just a few adjectives that can describe this hardscape option.   Of course, we offer both natural stone and paver patio installations.  Both options are good and it becomes the homeowner’s choice to decide between the two but you can be assured of our input and guidance.

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