Lawn Fertilization Treatments Using Less Pesticides


Most soil in Montgomery and Chester Counties lack adequate nutrients.

Lawn fertilization is the number one single practice that does more to improve and maintain a healthy, green lawn in Collegeville, PA and other surrounding neighborhoods.  Of course, there are other factors that contribute to the health of your lawn such as adequate sun, proper watering and mowing, but fertilization does more to improve poor-quality turf or maintain good quality turf than any other maintenance practice.

Fertilization in Collegeville

Regular fertilization schedules are important to provide proper nutrients to your lawn.  When it comes to choosing the best nutrients available for their lawn, many Collegeville residents are choosing organic-based fertilization.  Grass plants need nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in greater amounts than can be supplied naturally from the soil.  Most Montgomery and Chester County soil lacks adequate nutrients to produce strong root systems and healthy green grass, which is why fertilization is so important.

Healthy soil is resistant to insect and disease damage, requires less water and chokes out weeds.
Healthy soil is resistant to insect and disease damage, requires less water and chokes out weeds.

Healthy Soil = Healthy Turf

Your lawn depends on healthy soil to provide its nutrients.  While many synthetic fertilizers solve aesthetic issues with turf and keep the lawn looking green, an organic-based approach will solve and stabilize deficiencies in the soil.  Healthy soil contributes to healthy turf grass and is essential for a long lasting dense turf: a turf which is more resistant to insect and disease damage, weed free, and requiring less water and maintenance over time.

Why a Soil Test Is So Important

Many grass problems are caused by the soil and not necessarily with the grass itself.  A soil test is always a good idea to determine the exact problem and to find out what amendments are needed.   If you have weak, unhealthy soil and you are fertilizing your lawn, you are merely making your lawn appear healthy but what’s below the soil needs to be addressed.

How Organic-based Fertilization Improves the Soil

Organic-based fertilization uses bio-nutritional, micro-organisms that when repeatedly applied to lawns restore a natural balance to the soil so a lawn will grow thicker with a healthier root system because it addresses plant health in a systemic way.  The bio-nutritional materials work as a catalyst in many ways, making the synthetic materials used work even better and allowing for up to 75% in reduction of chemicals.    Roots matter!  Take the time to build a thicker, deeper root system without sacrificing turf quality.

With Bio-Nutritional Fertilization you get:

  • Fewer weeds naturally
  • Fewer insects and less disease naturally
  • Natural pH adjustment
  • Improved root development
  • Better drought resistance

Aeration and Overseeding Also Contribute to Turf Health

Aeration pulls plugs out of the ground allowing oxygen and water to get down into the soil and roots and more importantly, helps to remove soil compaction.  With the resulting plugs that are created, the seed can fall into the holes and begin to grow.

Many homeowners have trouble navigating through both the products they should be using and the timing of these applications for their lawn.  Identifying a reputable contractor to work with you is a smart short-cut.   This often requires a little research, but is certainly an achievable goal.  You should look for a business with professional associations in Pa. such as the Lawn Care Association of PA or LCAP.

If you’d like to discuss organic-based fertilization for your lawn, please don’t hesitate to contact Whitehouse Landscaping.   We have found that homeowners in Collegeville are more sensitive to environmentally friendly practices for their yards.  For more than 18 years, Whitehouse Landscaping has been an advocate for a more sustainable approach to lawn care, offering the most environmentally sensitive treatment option available.  Our method gives a safer, better and greener lawn.  Call our experienced Collegeville fertilization experts at 484-300-4290.