Caring for your landscape and lawn during the colder months is minimal.  Winter provides us with some much needed down time from outdoor work. You’re either staying cozy inside during frigid temperatures, dealing with snow coverage and removal or maybe if you’re lucky, planning a winter getaway to a warmer climate.  However, we have compiled a short list of winter landscaping maintenance tips and a few plan ahead ideas that can be performed during January, February and March that will make your spring chores easier.

Winter Landscaping Tips for Pruning Shrubs

Pruning during the dormant season is the ideal time to promote tree and shrub health and future growth.   As shrubs mature they sometimes grow beyond the size you want and extend into the walkway or overpower your foundation plantings. Overgrown shrubs are most noticed in the spring and summer but it sometimes is too late to trim them back.

Trees and shrubs are the strongest during dormancy and pruning reduces or eliminates the insect attraction and disease to open pruning sites.  As additional pruning advantage during winter is that you can see the branch framework of the tree or shrub without the leaves.  This is important in identifying crossing and interfering branches and seeing miscellaneous branch defects. 

Shrubs that bloom later in summer and fall should be pruned before bud break or spring growth fully develops.   Examples of shrubs that fall into this category include butterfly bush, beautyberry, clethra and, summer-blooming spirea.

Plants that flower in the spring should be pruned after flowering.  Examples include forsythia, azaleas, rhododendrons, and lilac. If you wait too long to prune them, you will remove many of next year’s blooms.

If you don’t want to prune your own shrubs, make sure to find a landscaping company who understands the proper methods to make your shrubs looks their best.  

Trees and shrubs increase your property’s curb appeal plus they add to your real estate value. Tree and Shrub Care by a professional landscaper is a worthwhile investment.

Tree Removal in Winter

Schedule any tree work in the winter.  Trees are dormant and the limbs are without leaves which makes it easier to trim or cut them.  If you have some unhealthy trees or simply need to open up your yard, take advantage of the winter months and contact a tree or landscaping company that is qualified to do the work.  Check out our tree services.

Proper Snow Removal from Shrubs

Snow should only be removed from branches if it’s light and fluffy.  Avoid shaking branches that are coated with snow and ice which could cause them to snap.  Wait for ice to melt naturally.  Using a broom, gently brush off the excess snow from shrub’s branches.  Use upward motions rather than downward force as this can create more damage.  If you have branches that are weighted down to the ground, get underneath the branches to remove the snow.  The purpose is to loosen the snow and allow it to fall away by itself.

Feed the Birds

Keep bird feeders and water elements cleaned and replenished thoroughly throughout the the winter months.


Houseplants are semi-dormant in the winter so it’s not necessary to feed them and watch that you don’t overwater.


If you mow your own lawn, take your mower in for service now, rather than waiting for spring when everyone’s mower is in the shop.  Don’t store with gas or if you can’t drain, add stabilizer.

Test Your Soil

If you have never tested your soil and the ground isn’t frozen or overly wet, it’s a good ideal to have it tested and get the results early in time to make soil corrections before the spring lawn care season arrives.

Landscape Design Is an Ideal Winter Project

The spring schedule fills up fast for landscaping companies in Montgomery and Chester counties.  Before you’re buried under two feet of snow, winter is ideal to plan your landscaping projects for summer enjoyment.  Wouldn’t it be nice if your new landscape design was thoroughly planned, ready to be constructed at the first hint of thawing temperatures.  Read more about why landscape design is an ideal fall and winter project.

Just because the landscape goes dormant in the winter, it doesn’t mean that you can’t take a few maintenance steps to insure your property is ready for spring.  Looking for help with your winter landscaping maintenance chores?  The team at Whitehouse Landscaping has been in the landscaping field for over 18 years and we specialize in the design, build, and maintenance of homes in southeastern Pennsylvania.  Schedule a free consultation now let us put our knowledge and expertise to work for you.