Plan now and be ready to execute early next spring.

Before we're buried under two feet of snow, fall and early winter is really the perfect time to be planning your landscape design for next year. Wouldn't it be nice if your new landscape design was thoroughly planned, ready to be constructed at the first hint of thawing temperatures....and all set to use when the warmer weather arrives.

Advantages to Planning Your Landscape Design Now

1. How you used your yard this summer is fresh in your mind. Did you often think you'd like more entertaining space....a fire pit....or better foundation plantings? It's easy to walk around with a landscape designer now and discuss what works and doesn't work.

2. You will get our full attention. The 'nice weather' influx of design requests are heavy. More time can be given to each client in the colder months.

3. The Design Process could be lengthy depending on the scope of work. Our Landscape Design Process takes time and a great deal of conversation between client and designer. Why feel hurried? Winter allows the extra time to communicate your vision, budget concerns and do any revision of plans so that you end up with a design you love, within your budget and works well for your yard and family.

4. Secure your spot in our schedule for early next year. Clients who contact us in April or May usually have to wait weeks or months before it can be installed because of the backlog of work already in the system. Get ahead of the spring time rush and have your work scheduled early in the season and get a head start on your outdoor enjoyment.

As the saying goes, “There's no time like the present”. Start the conversation early about planning for your spring renovation. Whether it is a new  patio or landscape enhancement, Whitehouse Landscaping will work closely with you to create an outdoor environment that enhances your family's lifestyle and at the same time, increase your home value.  Contact Whitehouse Landscaping today for a free consultation.