5 Common Landscape Problems and Solutions in Glenmoore and Chester Springs Area


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Being a homeowner, you evolve into becoming a certified repair person whether you are handy or not.  No doubt you have tackled minor plumbing or electrical issues and have relied on you tube videos and neighborly advice.

And then there are outdoor projects!  General landscaping maintenance can be done by anyone that doesn’t mind back-breaking, long weekend hours.    But there are other landscape issues that require skill, equipment and expertise to get effective results.  Below are 5 common situations and the landscaping solutions that we solve every year for homeowners.

Common Yard Problems and Solutions


Leveling a Sloped Yard 

Sloped yards prevent families getting the maximum use of their space.  Grading is a possibility with a focus on drainage issues that are created.  This requires heavy equipment and skill.  Leveling off areas, with retaining walls with gorgeous dry stacked stone is another solution.  And of course, steps can be a lovely addition to you sloping yard.

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Drainage systems for Wet Yards

If rain puddles in an area of your yard, making it unusable or runoff is ruining your yard, installing a French Drain or Dry Creek may be the answer.  French drains consist of a dug out trench containing a pipe and gravel.  They are designed to direct water away from your home and low lying areas.

French Drain 

A French drain is a dug out trench containing a pipe and gravel. This type of drainage system is designed to redirect surface water away from your home or low lying areas. French drains are often seen near gutters but can be used anywhere through your landscape to alleviate excess water.  Layers of large and small rocks are placed throughout the trench to allow water to absorb easily into the ground.

Dry Creek Bed

 A dry well (or flow well) is simply a hole that is filled with stone, creating an area where water will collect and slowly drain back into the soil.  Sometimes a tank can be used.  They are often placed at the conjunction of several French drains or piped from a downspout.   This system can usually handle large volumes of water and often are installed a good distance away from the home and on a downward slope.

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Easy-care evergreen arborvitae create privacy.

Lack of Privacy

Most homeowners prefer privacy on their property rather than living under a microscope with your neighbors.  One landscape solution to this situation is to install some type of privacy screening. Planting trees and shrubs are our first choice for proving privacy.  Trees add beauty while giving you that vertical and lateral coverage.  Let the beauty of nature surround you and give you that peace of a secluded yard.

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Creating Retaining Walls to Prevent Erosion

Retaining wall can be an excellent design feature that can assist in decreasing the run-off and erosion of a property. They can give large areas definition while acting as a defense to erosion. By allowing water to seep into stone and other porous materials when soil is compacted.

A well-designed wall will take skill and will become an attractive focal point in your yard.

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Many homes face the challenges of a downhill or uphill slope and a set of steps help to connect our outdoor spaces and give our property a multi-leveled appeal.

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