Hardscaping is a patio, wall, water feature, walkway or any permanent fixture that is installed using natural or man-made, non-living materials.  Stone and pavers are definitely two of the most popular hardscaping materials being used today.  Hardscaping defines the function of any outdoor space.  Walkways take you to the front door, retaining walls prevent erosion, sitting walls provide additional seating, patios  create space to entertain family and friends and a firepit or fireplace add ambiance and warmth to outdoor spaces.

Hardscaping - A Recent Trend

Hardscaping in Montgomery an Chester Counties has become a popular term ever since homeowners realized that adding an outdoor living space to their home maximizes their property’s square footage while creating an additional space for the family to enjoy.   The introduction of exciting outdoor materials has also advanced this trend.  Sprucing up a yard with various kinds of landscaping has always been important but now hardscaping design has started to play a significant and transformative role in creating a beautifully functional outdoor space.   Read Landscaping Trends for 2018.

Hardscaping Draws Families Outside

Families have busy lives and it’s hard to carve out time to spend s together. If you have an appealing outdoor space, you will be surprised to discover your family spending more time outdoors whether it’s by the firepit, or preparing meals at your outdoor kitchen.

“Families who regularly get outside together tend to function better.  Nature helps to improve our attention, and the theory is that when your attention is restored, it transfers to your family relationship and allows you to get along better with your family members”.


- “Outdoor Functions Can Improve Family Bonding” at psychcentral.com

Walkways Help Make Your Yard Flow

The front entry of a home is usually the first impression you are making on a visitor.  Why not make it a welcoming and interesting experience for all who visit.  Paths or secondary walkways might connect the front yard to the backyard.  A good flow of traffic is essential when designing your outdoor living space.  Well placed paths and walkway make your whole yard flow together.

Hardscaping Adds Contrast and Form to Outdoor Spaces

Who doesn’t love the natural beauty of trees, shrubs, and flowers in any landscape, but hardscaping makes these elements pop.  Nature is pretty to look at but a patio can actually add a comfortable place to relax and admire your landscaping.  Add a pergola to provide shelter from the sun or a install a fire pit or fireplace to stay warm during the colder months.  Hardscaping breaks up backyard grass.

Hardscaping Adds More Space to Your Home

When your backyard is transformed into a comfortable and beautiful living space, it is like adding another room to your home. Your backyard becomes an extension of your home, creating space for entertaining family and friends and spending time with the people you love.  When envisioning your new patio, read Patio Design – Top 5 Patio Design Ideas You’ll Regret Not Knowing.

Hardscaping within Nature Makes Your Yard a Destination

There are four elements found in nature: fire, water, earth and air.  All of these can help restore balance in your life.  Incorporating any one of the four elements in your hardscaping can add an element of emotion and visual experience.  So why not incorporate one or two of these in your hardscaping.

Fire – A very popular hardscape element is fire, whether it is a firepit or a fireplace.  Either one becomes a spot for family and friends to gather.  Their warmth, light and ambiance keep people outdoors longer.  Having the option to stay outdoors when it gets colder can transform your entertaining!

Water –  Adding a water feature such as a waterfall, fountain or small pond has become an incredibly popular hardscaping feature.   Utilizing natural stone, the look and sound of running water is soothing and refreshing.  Learn why you should incorporate a water feature in your outdoor living area. Close your eyes and you’ll be taken from your house to a peaceful, flowing creek.

Earth – The perfect addition to any hardscaping is the landscape that surrounds it.  Trees, flowers and shrubs can expand the hardscape while adding texture and color.  Decorative boulders, a crushed gravel pathway makes a nice transition from the yard to the hardscaping.

Air – We can’t see air but its gentle reminders are all around us.  On a hot, summer day, it’s nice to feel the air moving.   One hardscaping feature is a pergola that provides cover and shade and allows the air to circulate from above.  They also define an outdoor living area.

Hardscaping Increases the Value of Your Home 

Hardscaping can raise the value of a home as much as 12 percent.   Realtors consistently rank adding features like walkways, paver patios, fireplaces or water features as great ways to increase your home’s value.  Realtors are saying that an outdoor space is an important space to stage.  New buyers want to envision how they will entertain and relax. 

Hardscaping Helps Sell Your Home Quickly

Generally speaking, potential buyers find hardscaping features to be a huge selling point for any home.  A well maintained outdoor living space sells more quickly, and at a higher price, than comparable homes that lack an outdoor living space.

If you’re thinking about enhancing your outdoor living space but aren’t sure of all your options, we can help. Whitehouse Landscaping has been designing and installing hardscape projects for 17 years.   We can share with you the most current information on products, trends and elements in the hardscaping market and assist you in creating a design that is perfect for your family, property and lifestyle.  Call 484-300-4290 or contact us on our website and we’ll be happy to set up a free consultation to discuss your project ideas.