Our outdoor spaces matter and it’s inevitable that the more time we spend outdoors, the more we want to change or add to our landscape.   If you’re thinking about renovating, starting from scratch or simply completely redesigning your landscape, it’s important to remember that a landscape’s real success is determined by how well it fits your property and gives you the look and feel you desire.

Whitehouse Landscaping has designed many outdoor spaces for our clients over the last 19 years, and our experience can help you determine what is required to build a new landscape or renovate an existing one.

Why Start with a Landscape Plan?

Creating an overall landscape plan for your property, even if you know you cannot afford to redo the entire landscape at once, makes sense.  Plan your yard as you would ultimately like it to be.  That way each project, no matter how small, can be a step towards a yard that meets all of your needs and gets you closer to your overall goal.

Think of your yard as another space in your home.  Each room in the inside of your room is clearly defined and has a purpose.  You can also apply that same feeling to your outdoors and through the use of hardscaping and softscaping, you can create different rooms in your landscape.  How will people flow from one area to another?  Will there be separate spaces for activities, such as a fire pit, quiet space near a water feature, a garden to meander in.

A professional landscaping business such as Whitehouse Landscaping can help you with a landscape plan that will help you focus on what’s important now and to look forward to future phases when budget and time allows.

Establish Your Goals

Ask yourself, “What do I want to accomplish?”  Improve curb appeal, more privacy, overall landscaping plan for a new house or simply creating a more inviting place for entertainment.  How do you want to use your outdoor space and how do you want it to feel.

Landscape Plantings 

A big part of your plan will include plantings whether it is trees, shrubs, groundcovers, etc.  Landscaping can get costly but you can spread the work out over a few years with each addition adding into the overall scheme.  Pick the right plants for your conditions.  A few points to consider:

  • Sun and shade conditions will determine what plants you can choose.
  • Mature size of the plants you are considering.  This is really important as your landscape matures so that windows and walkways are not blocked.
  • Address privacy needs and if any plant selections can screen a close neighbor or unsightly view.
  • If renovating existing landscaping, determine what plants you can work with and what ones need to be removed.
  • Create a landscape with different textures, colors and year round interest.

Consider Your Style

Do you lean towards more formal plantings and design or a more casual, natural look?  Consider the overall style of your home so your landscaping complements the look of your home.

Have a Realistic Budget

If you don’t have a budget in mind, that’s understandable.  However, figure out a budget spectrum.  Do you see yourself spending about $50,000, $20,000, or $5,000.  Reading How Much Do Backyard Landscaping Features Cost can be a guide.   You know what will feel comfortable.  Once you know a range, a landscape contractor can help you figure out what goals you can accomplish within your budget.  And don’t be afraid to discuss your budget with your landscape contractor. 

To Hire a Landscape Designer or Not

You can certainly gather ideas together of what you might enjoy in your yard.  The possibilities are endless: water features, patios, retaining walls, walkways, landscape lighting, fire pit or fireplaces.  A professional landscaping company can share valuable ideas to help you transform your yard from a boring landscape to an impressive and attractive addition to your home.

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Need Help with Plans?  Call Whitehouse Landscaping

With a passion for landscape design and over 19 years of experience, the team at Whitehouse Landscaping are pros in creating wonderful outdoor spaces.  Our portfolio shows the many projects we have done.   Knowing a little knowledge about your landscaping can save you time, money and headaches as your plan evolves. 

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