Does your outdoor space welcome you home?  Your life is stressful at times, and your backyard should be a place you can unwind, entertain and enjoy your precious free time.  The patio is the foundation of a great backyard but there are many other parts to a backyard that can make it more personal and enjoyable.  From a warm fireplace or fire pit to a pool for cooling off, backyards are all unique and can include many different elements.  But regardless of what enhancement you choose, they all add focal points to the landscape.

We’ll explore many different options for backyards below and dive into their various price points, what affects their cost, and how to get one within your budget.

Paver Patio

Your patio will be the workhorse of your landscape and becomes the key spot for a drink after a long day or a festive party.  You want to maximize the space to accommodate whatever size crowd you have.

Patio pavers are the number one choice for patios and walkways in Montgomery, Chester and Berks Counties.  They are low maintenance, weather and fade resistant, attractive and durable.  The more intricate the paver design is, the more labor increases and adds to your expense.  For additional information, read How Much Does It Cost to Install Patio Pavers?   

Low End: $4,000 for a 10’ x10 patio with basic pavers.

High End: $20,000+ for a large paver patio.

Fire Pits and Fireplaces

Everyone loves to gather around a fire with a favorite drink, and when you bring out the marshmallows for toasting, young and old will want to join in.  There is a fire feature for virtually any size yard.   Learn more about How to Choose between a Fire Pit and a Fireplace

Low End: $2,500 for a wood burning fire pit.

High End: $5,000  for a gas burning fire pit model.

An outdoor fireplace makes your patio feel like an extension of your living room and has visual impact. 

Low End: $7,500 for a basic wood burning fire place with no wood storage.

High End:  $20,000 for a custom gas or wood burning fireplace and wood storage.                          

Water Features

There is nothing more peaceful in an outdoor environment than a water element. We’re all drawn to water.  Whether it flows over a waterfall, babbles in a stream or gurgles soothingly from a fountain, the sound of water makes everything better.   Pondless water gardens have become popular because they allow you to see and hear the waterfall without the maintenance of a pond.  Read Water Features in a Backyard Promote Relaxation.

Low End: $3,500 for a fountain feature.

High End: $10,000 – 25,000 for a pondless waterfall or pond a waterfall.

Seating Walls

A built-in seating area is a great way to provide convenient seating for guests and saves space by reducing the amount of furniture needed.  In addition to providing additional seating, it also acts as a functional element to define the space itself.  It sometimes is used to control the slope of the yard but more often it simply defines the transition from one outdoor area to the next.  For additional reading and photos, check out our blog Retaining Wall Design and Installation Experts

Low End: $4,500 for a basic half circle sitting wall around a fire pit.                                                                                                                            

High End: $15,000 - $18,000 for a sitting wall with back support around a fire pit.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are a great addition to an outdoor living space, especially if you like to entertain.    Incorporating a grill station into your hardscape design allows you to prepare meals while enjoying your company instead of running back and forth from your tiny grill to  your home to grab something out of the kitchen.   You can’t beat the convenience.

Low-end: $10,000+ for a 10' x 3' kitchen with grill and two stainless doors.

High end: $22,000 to include a large counter with bar seating, grill, storage and sink.

Outdoor Lighting

There are so many ways that landscape lighting can be incorporated into a landscape: accent lighting, step lighting, patio lighting, focal point highlighting, and path lighting.   Whether for safety and security or more usability and beauty, lighting up a landscape can dramatically alter the look and feel of your home.    Bringing your landscape to life after dark gives you more nighttime enjoyment and fun.  See how Outdoor Lighting Makes a Big Difference

Low end: $2,500+  for simple lighting in front yard.

High end: $10,000+ for water feature lighting, front and backyard lighting and patio lighting. 

Landscape Plantings

Attractively landscaped spaces increase property values because they naturally increase our enjoyment of those places.    Landscaping will increase your home’s curb appeal, add color and texture, frame your house to define and beautify the property as well as it can create a private place to quietly sit and read.  There are ways to keep your landscaping simple and getting the help of a professional will ensure that you get the right plant for the right space.  Plants may not be cheap, but you have to consider the lifetime of benefits they provide.

Of course, if you have to rip out overgrown shrubs and remove trees, then there is more labor involved which will add to your landscaping cost.

Low End: $3,000 – 5,000 for a basic design with front and backyard plantings, foundation plantings, river rock or bark mulch.

High End: $10,000+  for a large yard, mature plant material, ornamental tree, berms and river rock.

Need a New Landscape?

At Whitehouse Landscaping, we’re pros in creating wonderful outdoor spaces.  Our portfolio shows the many projects we have done.

It’s also important to have an idea of how much you want to spend on your landscape project.  Discussing your budget allows an honest contractor to make suggestions for the best landscaping plan and tailor a plan that will realistically fit within the plan.  Whitehouse Landscaping can work with you and your budget to create an outdoor living environment that will improve the quality and efficiency of your property.

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