Hardscapes are the hard materials found in landscapes such as pavers, woodworking or stonework.  Hardscaping is a critical part of landscape design, often providing the foundation for the landscape.  Hardscape contractors focus on building patios, walkways, fire features, retaining walls and other features that anchor and enhance plantings in addition to creating more usable outdoor living space and framing colorful gardens.

How Did Outdoor Living Spaces Come to Be?

Back in the day, a backyard consisted of just a lawn where friends and family would relax on lawn chairs or a place to keep chickens and for the dog to roam.   A new exhibition from the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service is shedding light on how some Americans came to claim the backyard as their haven from life.    Outdoor living became transformed after the end of WWII.  Families moved from the city to the suburbs, the middle class grew, home-ownership increased, the baby boom exploded and the do-it-yourself approach became very popular.  Patios replaced porches and the backyard became an extension of the home – a place for entertaining, cooking, and relaxing.

Magazines promoted the modern backyard while companies developed products to lessen the burden of maintaining these outdoor spaces, such as hybrid grasses, sprinkler systems, lawn mowers, and chemical products. 

Hardscape Contractors Maximize Living Potential

Whitehouse Landscaping takes special care to listen to homeowners, understand what objective they have and then offering suggestions.  There’s no one hardscape design that fits for all.    It’s about capitalizing on the unusable yard space and constructing a multi-functional living area.   Each family has unique needs and it’s up to a good hardscape contractor to combine the family’s lifestyle and personality into an extension of the home where relaxation and entertaining can take place.  Read 7 Tips on Hiring a Reputable Hardscape  Contractor.

Live Outdoors Like You’re on Vacation

Families are looking no farther than their own property to enjoy their staycation.  Creating a backyard living room motivates everyone to escape from indoors.  To vacation in your own backyard sure beats waiting in airport lines and living out of a suitcase!

Upgrades in a backyard typically include patio space, outdoor kitchens, fire pit, water features, lighting to extend the use of these spaces into the night, and speaker systems so homeowners can enjoy music when outdoors. 

Another popular trend is to have multi level spaces – one for entertaining guests and family, and a smaller, secluded area to retreat to that provides a quiet place to unwind and relax.  This is often accomplished by creating a privacy screen using narrow plants or retaining wall.   A sense of peace can be created with a simple water feature and lush plants.

What Hardscape Elements Create Destinations in Your Yard?

Patios - good  Patio Design Enhances Outdoor Living.

Fire features – staying home and having a little backyard fun can make for some great memories.  They are beautiful to look at and create a conversational nook to gather.

Water Feature – there’s nothing more peaceful in an outdoor environment than a water element.   Water features in a Backyard Promote Relaxation.

Outdoor Kitchen – make a great addition to an outdoor living space, making outdoor entertainment more convenient.

Retaining Walls – can help reclaim lost space.  Terracing an incline can create level areas that are easier to maintain and simply enhance the aesthetic appeal of your yard.

A bar-height table and stools near grill -  watch the chef at the grill is half the fun.

Pergolas -  make a space more inviting and comfortable by adding height and also cooling a potentially of space.

Read How to Create a Great Hardscape Design for Your Backyard Getaway.

Benefits of Outdoor Living Space

Families live a face paced life with everyone going in different directions.  And when together at home, electronics rob your family of time together.  Quality family time happens more easily when nice weather draws families outside and there’s a well designed outdoor living space waiting for them.  There’s so much more to outdoor living spaces than looking out the window at your backyard.

Hardscaping also adds re-sale value by creating a pleasing environment for potential home buyers.  A well maintained outdoor living space sells more quickly, and at a higher price, than comparable homes that lack a nice outdoor space.

Choosing a Hardscape Contractor in Collegeville, Malvern and Surrounding Areas

A good hardscape contractor has the experience to maximize your outdoor living potential.  There are a ton of options for hardscaping companies in Montgomery and Chester counties  and individual towns within the counties such as Pottstown and Malvern.  Whitehouse Landscaping has been designing and installing hardscape projects in the Collegeville, Malvern and surrounding areas for over 18 years. 

We can share with you the most current information on products, trends and elements in the hardscaping market and assist you in creating a design that is perfect for your family, property and lifestyle.  Want to see some of our work?  Check out our online portfolio.

Take the time to research your options to make sure you’re getting the best creativity in your patio design, as well as an experienced hardscaping team to give you lasting results.

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