An experienced hardscape contractor can handle all the complicated heavy outdoor living projects that can make a property unique.   Patios, retaining walls, fireplaces, firepits, walkways and water features are just some of the hardscapes that can make or break a landscape.  Read 7 Ways Hardscaping Can Transform and Upgrade Your Backyard.   Once you’re ready to transform your yard, it’s time to start thinking about hiring a hardscape contractor who can make your vision for your backyard or front yard space a reality.

A lot is riding on proper construction of these types of projects and hiring an inexperienced hardscape contractor could cost you more money and more time in the future.  Choosing the perfect hardscape contractor for your home in Collegeville, Schwenksville, Malvern or Glen Mills can seem challenging but it can be made easier by following a few simple guidelines and knowing the right questions to ask.  

A Hardscape Contractor Needs to Understand Your Vision

It’s necessary to clearly communicate your personal vision for your backyard or front yard.  To help your hardscape contractor interpret what’s in your mind, collect pictures you like.  Utilize home magazines, or print them from website photo galleries.   A good hardscape designer will want to know how you envision using your space.  Is it simply for your family’s use or do you see it more for hosting family and friends often.  Blending the best of all your ideas and the designer suggestions will have the greatest potential for a design that will be unique and still meet your needs.  Don’t let your budget restrict your ideas.  A good hardscape designer can prepare a master plan that can include features that can be added in the future.  You don’t want to leave something out just because it doesn’t fit in your existing budget when you will be able to afford it down road.  Here are additional blogs you might find interesting:

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How to Find the Perfect Hardscape Contractor

  1. A hardscape contractor should have hardscaping certifications.

Hardscaping is a specialized industry that requires specific training.Avoid hiring a hardscape contractor that does not have certification to back up his construction methods.There are two major certifications in the hardscape industry.  They pertain

To patios, walkways and retaining walls.The certifications are ICPI and NCMA.  See our certificationsDo the employees attend Techo-bloc training or similar seminars on the best hardscaping practices?

  1. Ask a Hardscape Contractor about proof of insurance and license.

You certainly don’t want to be liable for any damages or injuries that occur on your property.  Most hardscape contractors have coverage but it’s worth checking. In Montgomery and Chester Counties, hardscaping contractors are locally licensed at the state level. 

  1. Ask about Design Process

One of the most important factors of hardscaping is the design. A good hardscape design should help you maximize the space that you have within your budget.An extremely helpful design feature is 3-D design.  If a line drawing is hard for you to visualize the space, a 3-D design color rendering of your proposed hardscape design allows you to better visualize the design after installation.  Read more about 3D Design.

  1. Questions to Ask Your Hardscaping Contractor Before You Begin

  • How is the excavation and sub-base preparation done?
  • What do you use for base material and what is the compaction process?
  • Do you use Geotextile fabric and where?
  • What type of drainage do you plan with a patio?  With retaining walls?
  • What type of jointing sand do you use in hardscape construction?
  • Do you use Geogrid reinforcement in retaining walls?

Read 10 Questions You Must Ask a Hardscape Contractor and learn about our good construction practices as it relates to these technical questions.

  1. Proper Permits

Make sure to ask your hardscape contractor if a permit is required to complete your project.  Starting a project without a permit could have an unfortunate result.

  1. Always require a written estimate and contract.

       Never assume a verbal agreement is enough to guarantee you and your contractor are on the same page concerning the cost and plan for the work being performed in your backyard.  A written contract will protect you and your contractor from the consequences of  miscommunication and contributes in your overall satisfaction of the project

  1. Check References

A reputable hardscape contractor will be happy to give you references.Look for reviews on line.Check our reviews on Google, Facebook and our website. Read the testimonials by other clients and check out Google Reviews.


A hardscaping project is a big commitment, on many levels.  But choosing a hardscape contractor that is a great fit for your project doesn’t have to be intimidating.  Yes, you have lots of choices of hardscaping contractors to choose from in Montgomery and Chester Counties, but with a little knowledge and asking the right questions, you can identify a partner who will help you realize your vision for a beautiful outdoor living area – one that you, your family and friends can enjoy for years to come.   Any reputable, licensed hardscape contractor should be comfortable discussing any of the points we have focused on.

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