Discover the Beauty, Elegance and Ease of Maintenance in a Pondless Waterfall

Water features, and especially pondless waterfalls, are a popular design element in backyard landscapes.  So if you’re looking for that unique feature that would distinguish your yard from other homes in your neighborhood plus afford your family the ultimate in backyard relaxation and enjoyment, consider a pondless waterfall.

Benefits of Pondless Waterfalls

Enjoy all the relaxing and visual benefits of water without the upkeep and maintenance.

Disappearing pondless waterfalls are perfect for people who travel or simply don’t have the time to maintain a traditional open-water pond. 

An actual pond requires more space so pondless waterfalls can be a space saver.

The sound of water has been proven to be soothing.  But even better, water can actually an effective sound barrier that significantly reduces nearby street noise.

What actually is a Pondless Waterfall?

A basin is filled with river stone at the bottom of a natural stone waterfall.  Water flows from the waterfall and is absorbed into the stones and is re-cycled back through a concealed pump to the waterfall.  The waterfall cascades over natural rock and boulders usually making its final decent over a flat stone that creates a wonderful sheet of water. 

Maintaining a Pondless Waterfall

Routine maintenance includes topping-off with water when evaporation occurs and clearing the feature of leaves in the fall.

Making Your Waterfall Look Natural

They can be designed to look natural as if already part of the surrounding environment by adding plantings for softening the edges of the watercourse and using all the natural river rock and boulders.

So if you’re thinking about a water feature on your property but aren’t sure about the maintenance of a pond, go pondless!   We have designed many water features for our client’s properties and can tailor a unique system for you.  

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