Nothing creates curb appeal better than a well-designed front walkway.  A beautiful walkway is the first impression your house makes to guests and to you every time you come home.  Other walkways may lead you from the front of the house to the back.   But no matter where the walkway takes you, it becomes a journey that takes you from point A to point B. 

There are infinite options to consider when designing walkways which is why it’s important to research walkway design ideas in advance.  Always remember that walkways not only offer direction and function as a transition between spaces, but they contribute to the style and mood of your home which all adds up to curb appeal and visual interest to your landscape.

Below you will learn everything you need to know about designing a welcoming walkway.   No matter its size, every property offers opportunities to create paths to follow from front and back walks, stepping-stone paths or path through a garden.  Well-designed walkways should add aesthetic beauty to your yard. 

Walkway Materials

There are so many materials to consider when building a walkway.  Included are concrete fashioned to look like stone, classic brick, an endless variety of pavers, natural stone, and timeless bluestone and flagstone slabs.   Our 18 years of experience and client preferences have overwhelming leaned towards paver, flagstone and natural stone walkways.  They create beautiful walkways which add grandeur and functionality to any landscape.  Pavers are extremely popular and an affordable alternative to stone.  There are a wide variety of choices to choose from.  In addition, pavers require little maintenance to maintain their beauty.  To education yourself more, you might want to check out:

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Walkway Design Tips

Walkways give flair while adding function to any landscape design plan.   To get your thought process flowing,  Whitehouse Landscaping has designed and installed walkways over the past 18 years and we’ll show you some examples of walkways we’ve done in the Collegeville, Gilbertsville, Wayne and surrounding areas that will give your home that ambiance that you’re looking for.  When thinking about your walkway design, focus on a few key elements:

Compatibility – the design of your walkway should complement the architecture and style of your home.  If your home is modern, you should consider something with a definite sense of shape and line vs. if your home is more casual, you might consider something more traditional.  Ultimately, consider your walkway is a direct extension of your home’s design.

Straight vs Curved Walkways – the walkway can be straight or slightly winding depending on your preference.  A meandering, curved path can be charming but a straight path can be softened by creating a curved flower/shrub border along the outside of the walkway.  Straight paths tend to be formal where curved paths tend to be inviting.

Width of Walkway – Many front walkways are the narrow ‘builder installed walkways’ that lack aesthetic appeal.  Since most guests come in pairs, a wider sidewalk allows two people to walk side by side.  Sidewalks to the front door should be a minimum four feet wide and installing a five-foot walkway also lends itself for a wider gathering area where people can congregate near the front door.  

Landscaping – Your walkway should be flanked by colorful plants and foliage.  Sometimes a 3 ft. strip of earth between the walkway and the house foundation is too narrow for shrubs and the only way to landscape is having all the shrubs line up in a straight line. New homes often receive this type of token foundation plantings.  Wider beds provide for deeper plantings.  Layering evergreen and deciduous shrubs will make plants look more natural. 

Illumination – Incorporating subtle LED landscape lighting makes a walkway safer and more secure.  Lighting adds to the charm of a path, and invites family and guests outdoors for a leisurely stroll on a beautiful night.

Walkway Design Wrap Up

Your walkway design should reflect your personal sense of style.  Make your walkway a destination instead of just a walkway.  Every step should be a treat for the eyes…a bench here, a flower bed there…a boulder or water fountain to accent the journey.  Read about a Front Entrance Makeover in Spring City, PA.

Whitehouse Landscaping can design and install a beautiful, functional walkway that will transform your front yard into an inviting and appealing space.  We invite you to contact us for a free consultation or call 484-300-4290 and learn more about our walkway design approach.  We serve the Collegeville, Malvern, Wayne, Gilbertsville, Glenmoore, and surrounding communities.  We look forward to talking to you!