4 Best Landscaping Tips to Help Sell Your Home in Collegeville or Phoenixville, PA


By properly edging, mulching and planting flowers your landscape beds will increase your curb appeal a lot.

If you’re thinking about selling your home now or at some point later, your initial emphasis is to stage their inside of your home.   However, outside curb appeal is the first thing a potential buyer sees.  Poor curb appeal might prevent a buyer from even giving the inside a chance.

Surveys have proven that curb appeal not only speeds the sale of a house but also increases property values.   Yes, there’s was a little bubble mid 2021 that created crazy home sales, but it won’t last.  We have chosen 4 particular landscaping improvements that will give you the best return on investment:

Tip #1  A Well-Maintained Lawn

The first thing people notice when they pull up to your house is the front lawn.  Green up your lawn by fertilizing, controlling weeds and correcting bare spots.  Nice lawns make a huge impression for potential buyers.  If you have extra time, have your lawn aerated and overseeded which will greatly improve the penetration of nutrients for a fuller, healthier looking lawn.   Contact a lawn care professional to help you reach your goals.

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A healthy, green lawn adds tremendous curb appeal to a home.

Tip #2  Prune, Trim, Edge and Mulch

A simple maintenance clean-up will revive your front yard landscaping and bring new life to your curb appeal.   Don’t let your shrubbery obscure your house. A general clean up, removing dead plants, pulling weeds and edging beds will make a huge first impression.  Curb appeal matters when selling your home!

Also consider pots of seasonal color.  These can make wonderful eye-catching additions to your front entrance.  Or plant annuals in beds near your front door.

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Nothing creates more curb appeal than a well-designed front walkway.

Tip #3  Upgrade Your Walkway

Nothing creates more curb appeal than a well-designed front walkway.  Yes, this is a more extensive project but if you’re really looking to get the most out of your home sale, replace your tired, cracked or builder’s grade concrete walkway and steps with pavers or stone.  It adds tremendous curb appeal especially if most of the homes in your neighborhood have the builder’s grade concrete walkways.

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Imagine a potential buyer getting excited about sitting around this fabulous fire place.

Tip #4  Adding an Outdoor Living Space

In addition to front yard curb appeal, potential homeowners also look for outdoor living spaces.  Of course, it doesn’t make sense to install a welcoming patio or fire feature if you’re looking to sell soon, but if you realize in a few years you’ll be moving, why not enjoy your backyard while you’re there.

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If you already have a patio, you can always consider adding an enhancement such as a fire feature, retaining wall or water feature.  All these elements will help you sell at a higher price.

But if you’re selling right away, then just focus on normal landscape maintenance so that your backyard isn’t an eyesore to potential buyers.

Realize the Maximum Vs. the Average Return on your Landscaping Investment

While ROI is important, these improvements can help you enjoy your home better until you move.  Why wait until you sell your home to appreciate your home’s curb appeal.  The sense of enjoyment, pride and satisfaction you and your family will experience for a beautifully designed and cared for property can improve your family’s lifestyle until you put your home on the market.

Choose the Best Landscaping Company to Help with Landscaping to Sell Your Home.

Giving your yard some TLC is certainly worth doing if you’re in the market to sell your home in the Collegeville or Phoenixville, PA area.    A few small changes could make your outdoors more attractive to potential buyers and could subsequently help to sell your house quicker and improves your quality of life pre-sale if your house will be up for sale in the future.

Whitehouse Landscaping has been helping families in Collegeville and Phoenixville, PA area for 20 years.  If you want to work with a pro on some landscape renovations, request a free landscape consultation.  Whether you’re looking for a general clean-up or something larger, we’re experts in landscaping and hardscaping.  We look forward to hearing from you.