Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Your Pottstown, PA Home


After being cooped up inside 6 months of the year, we’ll all anxious to spend our warmer months outdoors in our backyard.  It’s then natural to want to create a backyard that you want to spend time in!  There are lots of different backyard ideas that you can incorporate and usually one or two that are just perfect for your family and lifestyle.  Learn more about How Much Do Backyard Landscaping Features Cost.

When hiring a landscaping company to design and build a new landscape for your yard, you’ll want to work with a company that has the capability of not only designing your new landscaping project, but also installing it.  This concept works well with homeowners with large and small landscaping projects. There are 3 Benefits of Using a Design-Build Landscaping Company for your Project.   Having one company responsible for every aspect of the project will give you a sense of control over your project.

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And 7 Ways Hardscaping Can Transform and Upgrade Your Backyard.

What feature would your family enjoy?

Adding or Expanding a Patio

Pottstown Patio and Fireplace

The key to getting the most out of your backyard is utilizing enough of your usable space.  If family gatherings seem cramped, then it’s time to consider adding or expanding your patio.  You might also be thinking about combining a deck and patio to give yourself a multi-level space.  See how this new patio and walkway transformed this Pottstown, PA property.

Firepit or Fireplace

Pottstown Patio and Firepit

Fire features are appealing because they create a gathering spot, and they require almost no maintenance.   There’s something peaceful about sitting by the fire.  Fire features add a soothing ambiance, provide warmth on cool evenings and extend the season.

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Water Feature

Pond and Waterfall

Water features are a great way to enhance your outdoor living space,  promote relaxation. and turn your patio into an outdoor sanctuary.  Incorporate landscaping elements like pebbles, stones, flowering plants, trees, and ferns around your pond to create a sense of natural beauty. Picture yourself unwinding after a long day next to a small pond.  Pondless waterfalls are idea for smaller backyards and instead of water collecting at the bottom, there are pumps that circulate water back up through the fountain, creating the same effect in half the space.

Outdoor Kitchen

Cooking outdoors is great for entertaining or just enjoying a meal with family.  Outdoor kitchens can be installed with virtually any combinations that you’d find in an outdoor kitchen from adding a built in grill and countertop to outdoor refrigerators and sinks.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting has become popular in backyard spaces.  Uplighting for trees and shrubs in the backyard is a nice way to add lights to the yard.  Spotlights can be used to highlight a special tree or wall or basically light up any part of your yard or patio that you want to feature or illuminate.  The obvious benefit is that lighting can illuminate steps and paths for the safety of everyone.

Create a Focal Point

A focal point in the landscaping is something that draws the eye.  It can be anything from a specimen tree, a beautiful pot, fire or water feature.  Adding a focal point can be a genius way to refresh your backyard without blowing the budget

Make Your Backyard Better with the Right Landscape Contractor

3D Rendering of Patio and Firepit

At Whitehouse Landscaping, we’re experts in creating stunning inviting outdoor spaces you’ll love to live in.  Thoughtful planning is essential for a backyard to be gorgeous and functional.  If you’re looking to renovate or transform your outdoor living space in Pottstown, PA, we’re here to help.  We can come up with solutions to fit your specific Pottstown property.

Are you ready for a landscape upgrade that helps you enjoy your time to the fullest at your Pottstown home?  If so, request your free consultation, get your customized plan started, and relax knowing you’ve chosen the right contractor for the job.