4 Signs You May Need a Landscape Renovation


If things look shabby, don’t worry! Change can be exciting!

First impressions matter and if you think your current landscaping isn’t attractive and your plantings are 15-20+ years old, chances are things are looking tired, overgrown and outdated. As a professional landscaper in Southeastern PA, we talk to many homeowners about updating their landscaping. We always reassure our customers that just because your shrubbery came with the house doesn’t mean you have to stick with it.

Good landscaping sets the tone for the character of the home and how it shows off in the neighborhood.

4 Reasons You May Need a New Landscape Renovation

Landscape looks ‘out-dated’. A residential landscape is meant to last approximately 20 years according to industry standards. Perhaps you inherited outdated landscaping. Foundation plantings become too big for the space they’re in. Poor pruning and maintenance over the years can make nice shrubbery look unattractive especially when crowded.

Your walkway, patio or walls have become uneven. Is the initial builder walkway grade unattractive, cracked and people have to ‘watch their step’?

Landscape is skimpy or neglected? Plants, trees and shrubs die and leave gaping holes in your landscape. Regular maintenance has been ignored and weeds and vines have taken over.

Family not taking advantage of outdoor living. If your family is not spending time together, chances are you’re outdoor environment is not inviting. Hardscaping features allow clients to get even more usage out of their space. Outdoors can be the most popular space at your house featuring kitchens, cozy fireplaces or fire pits, water features or sitting walls. Outdoor features are magnets that bring family outdoors.

Benefits of Renovating Your Landscape

Before you make a decision about doing a renovation, learn what a landscape renovation can do for your property.

Add curb appeal and increase home value.

(Good landscaping increases the value of your home from 5 to 20%)

Correct any drainage problems

Improve safety and security

Lower maintenance with properly-planned landscape

Using a landscaping company with expertise in design and plants can save you time and money in years to come. Our philosophy is simple! Whitehouse Landscaping makes sure the right plants are chosen for the right place insuring your landscape thrives and be properly maintained. Our horticultural knowledge and design expertise allows us to create a plan that offers seasonal interest and contrasting textures, colors and shapes.

Residential Landscape Services

Landscape design & installation of trees, shrubs and plants

Front yard landscaping

Backyard landscaping

Patios and walkways

Brick paver and stone patios

Retaining walls

Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits

Outdoor landscape lighting

Water features

Landscape maintenance

Organic-based lawn care

Whitehouse Landscaping can bring your vision, whether simple or elaborate, to life. If you’re ready to start the discussion of how we can help you update your landscape, please contact us.