Landscaping Trends for 2016


Longwood Gardens’ Nightscape Exhibit

Families take pride and comfort in their backyards

With 2015 firmly in the rear-view mirror, Whitehouse Landscaping thought it would be perfect timing to talk about upcoming trends in gardening and landscaping for 2016. Why not start dreaming and planning for the landscape changes you want to make this spring.

Some of our ideas come from the Garden Media Group who do extensive research on global consumer trends. Other trends are what we see and observe from our clients and their requests. One thing for sure, homeowners are still investing in adding outdoor living spaces to their backyards.

Organic Based Lawn Care
Organic Based Lawn Care

Outdoor Living #1: The Outdoors Becomes a Destination

Families continue to spend leisure time in their backyards. The fire pit trend and wall seating around the fire pit is very popular. One client wanted a fire pit area for their teenagers so they could keep a watchful eye on them while giving them their own space. Nightscapes and ‘backyard boldness’, according to Garden Media’s report, are two of the hottest trends. Longwood Gardens’ Nightscape exhibit is drawing record breaking crowds to their gardens after dark. Homeowners want lights, colors, and sound added to their outdoor oasis.

Layered Landscapes #2: More Shrubs and Trees

Large expansive yards are shifting to ‘Living Landscapes’. Doug Tallamy, professor of entomology and wildlife ecology at the University of Delaware, says people want to bring their yards back to its natural habitat as each plant serves a purpose in supporting pollinators, wildlife and the natural ecosystems. Experts see less annuals being planted and more natives, evergreens, conifers and ornamental grasses that offer multi-seasonal interest. Dr. Tallamy says a living landscape starts with trees and is layered underneath with shrubs and flowers. This move is driven by a desire to create more lasting and sustainable plantings.

Sentimental Landscapes #3: Re-living Childhood Memories

Homeowners want to make childhood memories and family experiences that offer the nostalgia of catching fireflies, roasting marshmallows and reminiscing at summer cookouts. It’s all about recreating a sentimental tradition or feature you remember as a kid such as reproducing a childhood swing in a tree or vegetable garden that you remember visiting at your grandparents house.

Dogscaping #4: Pet-friendly landscapes Are ‘In’

More and more people have dogs and we share our yards with these precious members of the family. They run through the lawn, roll in it, dig in it and it’s no wonder that pet owners want their yards to be pet safe. Homeowners care about protecting their plants from pets but even more importantly, they want to protect their dogs and cats from poisonous plants and harmful chemicals on the lawn. Families are demanding an organic, sustainable approach to lawn care.

For 20 years, Whitehouse Landscaping has been working with clients to create beautiful landscapes. Along with the latest trends, we can provide services for all of your other landscape needs. If you have any questions about your landscape this upcoming year, contact us today. We’re happy to help!