How to Plan for the Perfect Patio Design for Your Family


Patio space in Phoenixville accommodates room for conversation and a bar.

You’ve made the decision to add a patio to your yard.  Congratulations!  Now it’s time to start thinking about the specifics such as size, location, style, shape, materials, budget and patio additions or amenities.

Yes, there’s a lot to consider but don’t feel overwhelmed.  With some creative design planning and help of a Montgomery County landscape professional, you can create your dream backyard landscape design.  Building a patio is a sizable investment and with proper planning, you should expect that it will meet your family’s needs and vision and that you haven’t wasted your money.

Fortunately, there are some basic questions you can ask yourself to make the planning go more smoothly.     The pre-project planning checklist below will ensure that you end up with a patio design that works for you.

Large patio in Malvern fits the size of this home.

Know Your Preferences

Get a feel of what you like or dislike.  Collect photos from books and magazines.  Check out Houzz, a great place for inspiration.  There are over 100,000 landscaping photos that can be viewed and shared into idea books

a 3D rendering of a patio space with steps that lead from the front yard.

What are your goals?  How do you envision using the patio?

  • Will your patio be for family mostly or do you like to entertain guests?
  • If you entertain frequently, how much seating is needed for guests?
  • Is outdoor dining a requirement and for how many on average?
  • How big is your outdoor furniture?
  • Do you anticipate using your patio in the evening and if so, consider landscape lighting.
  • What additional features might you want such as fire feature, outdoor kitchen, pergola, retaining wall, landscape lighting?

All the above questions will determine patio size and layout.

Any amenities you choose should be laid out in a way that makes the space usable.

Size and Layout

Answering the questions above will help you determine its size, shape, and layout.  It’s also not uncommon for homeowners to have multiple uses in mind for their patio.  Think in terms of multiple ‘outdoor rooms’ such as one for cooking, one for dining, one for conversation or sitting around the fire pit.

Also think about the scale of your home and having a patio that fits the size of the home.  A small patio might be dwarfed by a large home and vice versa.

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Know Your Budget.

It’s helpful to have a ballpark estimate of a range you would consider spending so a landscape designer can work within the confines of the budget.  A good landscape designer wants to tailor the presentation and design to fit within your budget.

Reading How Much Do Backyard Landscaping Features Cost? can be a guide.  Once you know range, a landscape contractor can help you figure out what goals you can accomplish within your budget.  And don’t be afraid to discuss your budget with your landscape contractor.

If you’re clueless of how much things cost, have the designer give you an accurate idea of how much various features of your project will cost.

Specific Needs

If budget allows, what features do you want to add as part of the initial project and which ones might you like to consider in a later phase.

  • Fire Feature
  • Walkway
  • Steps
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Water Feature
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Plantings
  • Pergola
  • Retaining/Sitting Wall

Choosing a Patio Builder in Chester or Montgomery County,  PA and Surrounding Areas

It’s a reality that not all landscaping companies in Pottstown, Chester Springs, and Phoenixville, PA are going to give you the end result you’re looking for.   Some are more accustomed to having you pick out a general size, a cookie cutter version of what they do for many of their clients.  This approach, unfortunately, may impact your return on investment and future enjoyment.

Instead you want a company that has a landscape designer who can work closely with you on the entire patio planning process.   A design-build landscape company, like Whitehouse Landscaping has the capability of not only designing your new patio project, but also installing it.  This concept works well with homeowners with large and small projects.

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Are you ready to start a conversation about having a patio installed at your Chester Springs, Pottstown or Phoenixville, PA home?  If you’re looking for a company that goes the extra mile to understand your needs, then contact us for a FREE ESTIMATE or give Whitehouse Landscaping a call at 484-300-4290.