The month of June signals the approach of summer and time to kick into high gear!     You’re probably already getting in the mode of relaxing in your yard but if you’re like a lot of folks here in Montgomery or Chester counties,  you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with gardening chores.  April and May were colder than average and it was easy to put off jobs that should have been done earlier.

When you find yourself with too much yard work to do, you can always pass your landscaping maintenance tasks off to a landscape professional, but if you’re a die- hard do-it-yourself outdoorsy type, then we have put together a list of June landscaping tips so it will help you prioritize what’s important.

June Landscaping Checklist


Shrubs that flower in spring, such as forsythia, azaleas, rhododendrons, lilac, serviceberry, wisteria (basically shrubs that bloom before June 15) can be pruned after flowering.   These shrubs develop their flower buds during the summer so now is an ideal time to cut out wood that has flowered.   This will give them time to produce flower buds for next spring.

Shrubs that bloom in summer and fall usually bloom on new wood and can be pruned in late winter.


Remember, deadheading is the secret to keeping flowering plants in bloom.  Knowing why, when and how will keep them going strong all summer long.  It’s ok to clean up unsightly deadheads of other big bloomers like rhododendrons if you choose to make it look less messy. Simply snap the cluster off with a quick bend rather than cutting.  The new shoots form just below the flower.

Deadhead any messy-looking bulbs as blooms fade, but leave the foliage intact to wither and ripen the bulbs naturally.   Once it withers on its own, then remove carefully so not to dislodge the bulb

Lawn Care

Keep mower height adjusted to 2.5 “to 3.5” to keep roots cool and suppress weed growth. Keep your mower blade sharp.  Focus on deep but infrequent watering to encourage deep root growth.  Overseed thin spots and top dress with l/4” compost to cover seed.    A gorgeous thick, green lawn is every homeowner’s dream and if weeds are invading your lawn, then there are ways to improve it.  Also learn why spring is the best time for lawn fertrilization.

Planting Shrubs and Trees and Flowers

Now is a great time to fill in the gaps in your beds.  Consider what type of shrub would fit in.  Do you want color contrast, rounded or upright?  Knowing a few tips for buying plants can help you with the process and prevent some mistakes.

June is the perfect time to plant annuals in the garden bed for color all summer.  Remember to choose plants for the right location – sun lovers in sun, shade lovers in shade.   It’s easy to grow fantastic flowers.  Yes, you’ll have to replant every year, but annuals offer you the ability to experiment with different combinations every year.

For new shrubs and trees, don’t forget to summer water.  Deep but infrequent watering is recommended and water in the morning will increase absorption and decrease evaporation.

Mulching and Edging

If your mulched areas are looking thin and tired, refresh your mulch.  It not only makes your beds look great but it also helps soil to retain its moisture by acting as a barrier between the soil and the sun.   A well-cut edge also makes a big difference in how your garden beds look.

Weeding & Watering

Gardens ideally want an inch of water a week from you or the heavens above.  Make sure you soak deeply in the root zone.

Most of us hate weeding so knowing how to kill and prevent weeds is essential knowledge for any gardener or homeowner.   ‘One year’s seed, seven year’s weed’ in an old gardener’s saying, but it’s true.

Consider planting a good groundcover to make future weeding easier.  Try using a tool called a ‘dutch hoe’ or ‘scuffle  hoe’.  It makes weeding easier.   Using a back and forth push-pull motion, it cuts weed roots deep under the surface and cuts your weeding in half the time. 


There’s still plenty of time to make up some colorful containers for your front entrance, patio or deck.   Also, shrubs can be placed in a container and then planted in the fall, or stash them in the garage for winter. 

Mosquito Control 

No one likes being bitten by mosquitoes every time you’re outside.  Knowing a few tips on how to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard will be helpful in controlling the mosquito population.

Indoor Plants

This is the time to fertilize actively growing houseplants.  Most houseplants flourish with a little time outside in the summer.  Be careful where you place them.  Many plants are not acclimated to full sun or an excess watering.  Porches or patios that have some overhead protection are great places.

Making Sure Your Home Will Look Its Best

These June landscaping tips should help you get your property in great shape.  But if you have no time to maintain your landscape yourself, then hand some of these services over to a landscape professional.  After all, you work hard enough, and don’t necessarily want to spend your free time maintaining the landscape. 

Request a maintenance quote today.  We can customize a program that fits your maintenance needs.

No time to maintain your summer landscape?  Our maintenance crew can help you with these chores so you have more time focusing on family and fun.

If you have any concerns or questions about your landscape, give us a call at 484-300-4290.   If you’re interested in ongoing programs that cover your lawn care as well as your landscaping so your property is always looking its best, then we can customize a program that fits your needs