Lawn Care 101: How to Get a Great Lawn in Schwenksville, PA


Healthy soil determines the health of the lawn.

Having a healthy, green lawn doesn’t happen by accident.  Perhaps you just bought a home in Schwenksville or you have an existing home in Montgomery, Chester or Berks county and have decided that this is the year to improve your lawn.  How to tackle any new renovation around the home often takes knowledge and expertise, and lawn care is no exception.  Lawn care is a lot more than grabbing a bag of fertilizer at your local store and spreading it around.  It’s a combination of factors that all contribute to a healthy, green lawn.  Learning some basics of lawn care will set you on the right path of getting that great lawn that you wish you had.

Tip #1 – Good Soil Health and Fertilization

No doubt you’re aware of the value of fertilizing your lawn which provides the nutrients it needs to grow.  Fertilizers are a good source for nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus which is beneficial to lawns.    But what most homeowners do not know is that the health of the soil determines the health of the entire lawn.

Most Schwenksville soil lacks adequate nutrients to produce strong root systems and healthy green grass.   A lawn care service that uses bio-nutrients help creates a healthy soil environment.   The bio-nutritional materials restore a natural balance to the soil so a lawn will grow thicker and with a more healthy root systems because it addresses plant health in a systemic way.

Healthy soil = strong roots and thick turf = fewer weeds and pests = less fertilizer and pesticides.  Lawn fertilization treatments using less pesticides is an eco-friendly solution to lawn care.


Schwenksville, PA lawn showing before and after aeration and overseeding.

Tip #2 – Proper Mowing

Most homeowners cut their grass too short.  Blades that are set too low can damage the roots of grass and make lawns more susceptible to weeds, insects and diseases.  Adjusting the mower height closer to three to three and a half inches long helps grass to withstand potential sources of stress.


We help folks in Schwenksville achieve a healthy, green lawn.

Tip #3 – Adequate Watering

How frequently to water your lawn depends on the type of grass, soil and weather conditions.  The best time to apply water to lawns is just as plants begin to wilt.  Frequent, shallow watering tends to keep the root zone saturated too much of the time.  Watering deeply, only when needed, promotes healthy and vigorous turf.

Morning is by far the best time to water your lawn because it gives your grass plenty of time to dry before nightfall and to absorb as much water as possible before it evaporates.

Newly seeded lawn required more frequent watering but will taper off as the grass grows.


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Tip #4 – Aeration and Overseeding

Aeration is the process of removing plugs of soil from the turf area to create large pores that carry moisture or plant nutrients into the soil.  Aeration alleviates soil compaction and can significantly reduce thatch.

ReadAeration and Overseeding for a Healthy, Thicker Lawn in Montgomery County, PA

Overseeding into thin turf is usually followed by aeration which allows the seed to come into contact with the soil and has space to germinate and develop.

The ideal time to aerate and overseed is early to mid-spring or late summer to early fall which allows plenty of time for rapid recovery of the grass.     Watering after aeration and overseeding is important.  You can read more about watering after the aeration and seeding process.

Getting Help from Lawn Care Professionals in Schwenksville

These lawn care tips give you the basics of getting a healthy lawn.  But we also recommend that you contact a lawn care professional that will test your soil, and explain their approach to lawn care.  Now that you know the importance of healthy soil, make sure they understand soil biology and the importance of bionutritional products so that your soil gets what it needs to thrive naturally.

Our  lawn care program  puts that secret formula of adding bio-nutrients into action.  By focusing on soil health, our clients in Schwenksville get the thick, green, beautiful lawn they desire.

More Questions?  Whitehouse Landscaping has Answers!  

If you have more questions, the experts at Whitehouse Landscaping can provide you the best advice in town.  We have been providing lawn care in Schwenksville for the past 18 years and would be happy to discuss options for your yard.  Get started by request a free consultation.