Tips on Landscaping Around a Patio


You might have recently invested in a lovely patio that can accommodate your family and friends.  Patios serve as an extension of your indoor space and draw people outdoors.  However, whether you chose pavers or flagstone for your patio, hardscaping’s rigid lines can make the space uninviting without the addition of landscaping (softscaping) to soften the space and increase your patios aesthetic appeal.    Just as you accessorize your rooms inside with art work, plants, drapes, candles, etc., your outdoor room also benefits from plantings and anything else that lets your personality shine through.

There are lots of ways to make your patio inviting and at the same time add beauty, comfort and functionality.  Let’s look at some landscaping ideas for around your patio to help you achieve the appearance you’re looking for.

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Tips for Making Your Patio Stunning

Create a Landscape Border

Surround the patio with colorful planting beds filled with shrubs, annuals and perennials.  Use varying height plants.  When choosing plants, aim for a mixture of evergreens, deciduous or flowering shrubs and flowers.  Consider working with graceful curved beds rather than straight lines.  Dwarf varieties of shrubs are recommended if you’re looking for less pruning and easy maintenance.  Mulching the beds in early spring and early fall will keep the weeds down.  And don’t forget about the beauty of ornamental grasses which can give some vertical appeal and wonderful texture.

Pay particular attention to the height of plants to create privacy if needed.  A row of arborvitae bushes planted near your property line or situated near the area you want to shield can give you the privacy you need without feeling closed in if planted too close to the patio.

Consider the blooming season for each plant in your landscape.   If you have a sunny yard, plant some compact  flowering shrubs that will bloom in the spring,  and shrubs for fall color.  But again, be mindful of their mature size.  Having some compact evergreen shrubs will look good all winter.

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The landscaping around this Pottstown flagstone patio adds significantly to its outdoor living appeal.

Container Plantings

Incorporate container plant groupings to soften the edge of your patio.  You can grow almost anything in a container as long as you’re mindful of knowing the sun, shade and zone requirements for the plants you choose.   A few well-placed pots filled with flowers and foliage can quickly transform a bare patio into a lush, welcoming garden.   Remember to fertilize consistently throughout the season.

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Containers add an instant pop of color.

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Add a Water Feature

There’s something magical about water.    Adding a soothing water feature to your landscape design can improve the Zen quality of the time you spend there.  Table top fountains, bubblers or pondless waterfall will offer another layer of sound and become an excellent addition to your landscape.

This pond and waterfall adds a nice focal point and soothing sound beside this Gilbertsville patio.

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Get Started on Landscaping Around Your Patio

Creating a landscaped bed around your patio and choosing the right plants may seem overwhelming.  We understand that homeowners do not have the expertise to necessarily get it right.  With over 20 years of experience, Whitehouse Landscaping can help you design your outdoor space.  That space can begin with the design and build of a paver or flagstone patio and finish it off with the surrounding landscaping that will complement its design.

Request a consultation to discuss your vision and to get started.  We can do it all for you!